Thursday, 7 January 2010

Chris Davidson to stand in Penrith and the Borders

I was busy working on election maps late into the night, preparing the 25 election packs of our team leaders and their activists in the wards that make up the Workington constituency.

Yesterday's internal problems within the Labour Party can only help our cause and the senseless leadership challenges and all the bickering that follows will only depress Labour's swindling band of activists even more.

Having said that, my campaign in Workington will target the Tories more than Labour. I certainly don't want to see a Conservative victory and will be reminding voters that this Labour Government has only been so appalling because Blair and Brown became the Pink Tory Party.

It is White working class Britons who have suffered the most because they lost Old Labour - a party whose activists at least, went through the motions of fighting their corner. Now it is only the British National Party that represents them.

There was good news yesterday when Chris Davidson (left) was selected as the British National Party's candidate for Penrith and the Borders. The constituency is very rural and the farming community holds sway here and that's why we are so pleased that Chris is our candidate. He has had a long and enduring friendship with this community and is very well known and trusted by them.

The main towns in his constituency are Penrith, Wigton and Longtown. In Penrith we recently polled 12% in a local council election. Across the whole of Wigton BNP candidate Paul Stafford polled 19% in June at the county council elections, and in Longtown, Chris himself polled 15%.

With a good campaign I think the British National Party will certainly be making its presence felt in this Tory stronghold.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Campaign gets underway

There was a General Election planning meeting in Workington last night attended by 20 key activists.

The weather was shocking with temperatures down to -5, thick snow underfoot and snow flurries in the air.

Full marks to one activist from St Michaels Ward who walked the two miles to the venue, up some steep and slippery hills, despite being partially sighted and having a guide dog. If our team shows that sort of commitment then we shall certainly have the old gang parties on the run.

Team leaders are to be allocated to each of the 25 wards that make up the Workington Constituency and a number came forward to take up the posts at yesterday's meeting.

I gave a brief outline of of how I hoped the campaign would go and an initial timetable for the first round of leafleting.

The first drop will start in Cockermouth with both Christchurch and All Saints wards completed by the end of the month.

Households here will get two leaflets. The full colour glossy A3 Nick Griffin leaflet outlining his work in the European Parliament and this will be accompanied by an A4 black and white leaflet both introducing me to the electorate and covering a local topic.

Below is the local leaflet that will go out in Cockermouth.



The weather here today is shocking with near blizzard conditions but thankfully this has brought with it a slight rise in temperature.

Eddy Bulter is here to investigate the November floods on behalf of Nick Griffin. He had been hoping to visit both Crummock Water and the Thirlmere Reservoir this morning but it looks as though many of the Fell roads are blocked by snow.

However I believe that Eddy also has some meetings in Keswick with former United Utilities employees who will give him a briefing on procedures at the dams and on the responsibilities and consequences of opening the sluice gates.