Friday, 17 October 2008

Redcar result just in . . .

Good result from Redcar last night.
Redcar & Cleveland
South Bank Ward
Thursday 16th October 2008
Marilyn Bramley (Labour) 652
Toni Meir (Liberal Democrat) 288
Bernard Collinson (British National Party) 206
Oz Sadiq (Independent) 101
Joan Bolton (Conservative) 59
BNP Percentage: 15.8%

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Let Northern Rock (The Bank of Great Britain) lead the way

Just a one line posting today because I have a huge Freedom workload and there are already deadlines looming.

The BBC's resident financial expert Robert Peston, was asked this morning to describe in a nutshell why there was still a financial crisis after £2 trillion had been poured into the world's stock markets and here in Britain around £400 billion of taxpayers money had been used to bail out private banks based in Britain.

He said that the simple reason was that private banks were refusing to lower their interest rates so credit was still unavailable or at best ridiculously expensive.

Well, Northern Rock isn't a private bank any more, it is now Government owned because taxpayers' money was used to rescue it from collapse. It is now, in effect our bank, the country's bank - the Bank of Great Britain.

Northern Rock should lower its interest rates and start lending to UK business (except any private banks) and individuals.

Northern Rock, as such, would then have a less attractive rate for savers, but one the plus side those saving would be secure. The Government should withdraw any guarantees for savings with the higher interest private banks and this will encourage savers to transfer their money to the Bank of Great Britain in the certainty that their savings would be safe.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Clive is making his mark in St John's Ward

I HOPE you all regularly visit Clive Jefferson's excellent blog. He's currently our candidate in a local council by-election in Workington and is creating quite a stir in the town.

I was at football last night to see Workington Reds beat Gateshead 4-2. It was an atrocious night and only 250 hardy souls braved the conditions, yet even so two people, who I only know by sight, remarked to me that they had received a copy of Freedom and seen the BNP team out and about.
Then, when I got home, I checked out a website that carries news of the Reds and there was a rant on there from some Labour Party bod - - who had been canvassed that very day by Clive. These people think they are being so clever by trying to belittle the British National Party when in reality the fact that they have to talk about us, even on a sports website, just underlines how important we are, and all goes to generate even more public interest in the Party.

More news from Cumbria and a story with a 'shock, horror' headline. Of course, the report fails to mention that Carlisle has the highest number of incidents in every category of crime, simply because it's a city whose population dwarfs the rest of Cumbria. But the Cumberland News never lets common sense get in the way of a good headline. It seems that the only purpose of the report was to provide a platform for some derogatory remarks about the BNP. Once again they can't stop talking about us, which is a big improvement on not being talked about.

Spoke with Nick yesterday and he was very excited about how things are going. He was especially pleased with the public's reaction to the bail out of the banks in their contact with the BNP. The previous evening he had spoken specifically on the banking crisis to a packed meeting at St Helens and had received a standing ovation. Any worries that the man in the street would 'switch off' to what is taking place in the financial markets has thankfully been misplaced and most people are very much aware of the consequences of these huge sums of money being taken out of the public purse and handed over to private banks.

And finally The Guardian has had to change its advertising procedures on its website after it was found to be promoting the British National Party -" - what a great story to finish up on.

Some links don't seem to be working, so that's why I have published the full web address.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Building up the BNP

MORALE boosting comment in The Guardian this morning. The more columnists harp on about this, the more it's going to become set in the public psyche and must benefit us come election time.

I normally switch off 'Thought for the Day' on Radio 4 Today programme but there was quite a good one this morning from Canon Dr Alan Billings, an Anglican priest. I suppose it's the nostalgia content that got me hooked.

There was a very good election result for us in Herne Bay on Thursday.
Kent County Council
Herne Bay ward
Thursday, 9 October 2008
Con 2474 47.7% (+7.6%)
LD 1524 29.4% (-3.3%)
Lab 537 10.4% (-13.1%)
BNP 399 7.7% (N/A) 1st time standing
UKIP 252 4.9% (+1.3%)
Swing 5.6% Lib Dem to Con. T/O: 23.21%

It was especially pleasing because I know that our candidate Dennis Whiting has in the main been the lone BNP voice in the area and had been feeling a bit depressed that the BNP hadn't been making progress.
The result will certainly provide an incentive for the Party to now go on and grow. South East Regional Organiser Andy McBride told me briefly about the campaign
"Dennis a ran a good campaign at very short notice in an area never visited by the British National Party before. We gained good support and a foothold in yet another Tory controlled area of Kent. The British National Party once again pushed UKIP into last place by attracting a much better than expected 399 votes."

Friday, 10 October 2008

Own goal by The Sun

SIX and a half hours on the M6 for a three and a half hour staff meeting yesterday.

Driving is a worry at the moment as when we get into our car we are taking a gamble that it will get us to our destination and back. Everything about it is erratic. The heater and radio have minds of their own, coming on and going off when they see fit and the water temperature guage surges into the red if I dare to go over sixty. Thankfully we have a BNP member and local councillor who has his own garage and he has given it a good going over and says as long as it's not 'thrashed' (going over sixty), there will a couple of more years of use for us.

It was a good meeting yesterday with each staff member giving an upbeat report on their department. There are lots of interesting projects in the pipeline and, despite the difficult times, the Party continues to move forward.

Nick did give a warning on finances though which was a bit of a worry. I haven't had a pay rise for three years now, and as we have to tighten our belts because of the current economic climate, there's apparently not one on the horizon, which at a time when the big SIX O is rapidly approaching, makes one very depressed indeed.

That depression was temporarily lifted yesterday evening when I got home and checked my BNP searches and email.

How The Sun can believe that reporting on the lovely Cathy Duffy and her trip to Welbeck is a smear story and going to put people off supporting the BNP, just goes to show how they have lost the plot with regards to their attacks on the British National Party.

The Sun is always telling its readers that the BNP is a bunch of skinhead thugs, yet then it carries a story and includes a photo, about one of our lady councillors - and a former celebrity of TV's Airline series at that - being wined and dined by British Army chiefs. All rather dents that tattooed, shaven head image don't you think?

The appalling Matthew Collins was used as the anti-BNP source in the report. Stop me if I have told you this before, but I first came across this creep at a by-election meeting in Portsmouth in the late 1980s when he was meant to be a rising star of the National Front. At the meeting, which was held in a local school, he poured bleach into a fish tank in one of the classrooms being used by the children obviously for some project. Needless to say the fish were all killed and the story made local headlines a couple of days later as a front page smear story against the NF. This wasn't an early indication of his anti-nationalists credentials or an act to discredit the NF by him. Later, he just said he did it because he was bored. No wonder the NF never got anywhere if people like him were the 'Young Turks' coming through the ranks.

If you live in the North West and are free on Wednesday morning, 15th October, please get to Tameside Magistrates Court and support the BNP's Roy West who has been charged with race hate for saying “Remember Dunkirk” to his German neighbour.

He said the words during an exchange over the garden fence about the Cornish flag Roy was flying, and within hours of making the remark, he was arrested and his house ransacked by police searching for “evidence” of his “racism.”

The anti-British Crown Prosecution Service, acting under orders from their political masters, have decided to press ahead with the charges, irrespective of his neighbour's desire to drop the matter.

Nick Griffin told the BNP website:
“Roy is scheduled to appear on Wednesday morning, and we need as many people as possible to demonstrate outside the courtroom to pressure the authorities into dropping these outrageous charges.
“We will get leaflets printed and will be having a day of action on this topic as well, and we need decent people to come out from all over the country and show their opposition to the treasonous behaviour of the ruling elite.
"The BNP has it on good authority that the political masters of the Manchester Police and the CPS in the North West have been told to find anything at all to try and destroy the BNP in that city and the region because it had become clear from an in-depth analysis of the proportional representation system used in Euro elections, that the BNP stood a very good chance of winning at least one seat in the North West."

Gale force winds and torrential rain here in West Cumbria at the moment, I hope it's better where you are.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Good morning fellow shareholders!

WELL, as I am now a proud shareholder in our High Street banks, I shall be writing to my bank later this morning and demanding that my overdraft limit be extended. I shall also be suggesting that because of my help in trying to bail them out of their current difficulties, it would be a nice gesture in return to cut the interest rate I have to pay on that overdraft.

So the Government is providing £50 billion now, and another £250 billion over the next few years just to prop up private banks. It's a scandal. The Government has refused to help British industry on numerous occasions when it needed a tiny fraction of this amount of funding, and it has even allowed people to die because they said they couldn't afford the drugs they needed to survive. Yet it can provide an unlimited supply of OUR money to keep private banks afloat.

Brown should have let them go to the wall and only offered security on pension funds and personal savings. As I said earlier, it should then set up the Bank of Great Britain, a bank run by the Government in the interests of the British people and British industry only. But it has taken the worst option of all - pay with no say - just underwriting the past mistakes of private banks and letting them carry on regardless.

The Daily Star this morning has Jon Cruddas warning that the financial crisis will channel voters towards the British National Party and he is right. When under threat, people close ranks and look to their own for support. When you face a bleak future you don't want the influence of outsiders making it worse. Migrant workers have been unpopular even during the time of plenty of work and easy credit. When jobs are in short supply and there are no more 0% balance transfer deals for escapism shopping and holidays, the British people are going to looking at them in an even more unfavourable light.

A special George Orwell 1984 Newspeak award should be presented to Radio 4's Today programme this morning for it's five minute report on tackling extremism in schools. In the whole report they only mentioned 'Islamic' once and didn't even mention 'Muslim' at all. So according to the BBC report, every child in the country is a potential terrorist and there is no particular community that we should be especially concerned about.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


There was a quite nauseating headline in the Yorkshire Post this morning. You can read the full report here.

It's nauseating because the editor has tried to soften the story with the inclusion of the word 'friends' in the headline. Friends is a positive word, it's a 'nice' word and has been used to influence the reader not to think of the two defendants as Islamic extremists bent on murder, but as just a couple of ordinary 'friends'.

It's the manipulation of a news story in order to make it more ethnic friendly. It happens every day in the media and in the past has been swallowed hook, line and sinker by the public. But thankfully, at last, people are waking up it this ruse and now it is starting to work the opposite way.

Once people are ware of this 'king's clothes' scam they are shouting from the roof tops about bias in favour of the ethnic minorities.

Can you imagine the Yorkshire Post carrying a similar headline when reporting on the Nick Griffin and Mark Collett trial at Leeds Crown Court, "Friends talk about stopping immigration" . . . I don't think so some how.

I know for a fact that yesterday morning, officers from the Anti-Terrorist Squad were 'over the moon' that the Metropolitan Police's Black Officers Association had called for a boycott by all ethnic minorities from joining the Met. It is a major worry of those trying to keep the British people safe from the Islamic terror campaign, that their ranks might be infiltrated by those seeking to use the cover of being a police officer to perpetrate their bombing campaign.

But sadly, their euphoria was short-lived. Just hours later the Met's Muslim Police Association said that it wouldn't be taking part in the boycott and it urged more young Muslims to join the Metropolitan Police. I expect there might be some 'friends', just like the ones referred to in the Yorkshire Post, rushing to join up.

Just for the record we polled 6% in the Redcar by-election last Thursday. I thought that was quite an encouraging vote, but when I spoke (at length) with North East Regional Organiser Ken Booth, yesterday, he said that he had been hoping for a slightly better vote.

It's a quarter to nine and the FTSE is already up by over 100 points which is a 2% rise. Whatever happens for the rest of the day doesn't matter to the city slickers who bought low just before the close of business yesterday. They have already sold at a higher price this morning and made their profit so they can spend the rest of the day in the pub. Great life isn't it.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Looking back to 1987 for some answers

THE news is grim and it's going to get worse. For Gordon Brown, the wheel has come off and his Government looks to be in freefall.

For Nationalists, it's a time for vindication as our political predictions of the last thirty years are coming to fruition.

Sometime Freedom contributor Steve Johnson, was our house guest at the weekend and on Sunday morning, as we nursed our hangovers, we took a trip down Memory Lane and looked through some back issues of The Flag a monthly newspaper I published and edited from 1986 up until 1995, when I went to live and work in France.

In almost every issue there was an article that was relevant today. Not just in predicting the catastrophic consequences of immigration but also the decline of manufacturing, the impending reliance on foreign countries for our energy (and that at a time we still had North Sea Oil) and the economic crisis that we face today. "Nationalise the banks!" was the headline of one 1987 article, while "Close down the City casino" was another from the same year.

Listening to Radio 4 this morning and the squealing from the global market apologists after the Irish and German Governments had taken unilateral action to safeguard the savings of their people, confirms that in time of crisis it is the natural reaction to put national interests first. Listening to all the experts, no one seems to know what to do so I feel that in this vacuum of direction I am as well qualified as any to offer some advice.

What I would do is to merge the two nationalised banks of Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley and call it the Bank of Great Britain. The Government would then guarantee all the savings that are placed with the new bank which is owned by the taxpayers.

Written into the constitution of this bank would be that it would never invest money it didn't have and the only investments it would make would be in Britain for the interests of the British people. And the priority of that investment would be British industry,with manufacturing and energy topping the list.

"Racism in the Metropolitan Police" is another good story for us this morning. The only evidence put forward by the Black Police Officers Association to back up their claim is that their two leading ethnic minority officers are both under investigation for wrong-doing". It's a news report that will find little sympathy with the bulk of the population.

The British National Party is making the headlines once again this morning, this time because of the Government reshuffle. Jon Cruddas has been kept out of Government so he can fight the BNP and Phil Woolas has been taken into Government to fight the BNP. Isn't it exciting to be a member of a political party that is so influential in the Government's mindset, even in this time of crisis.

Friday, 3 October 2008

A couple of by-election results

THERE was a good result for us in a county council by-election result in Bourne in Lincolnshire last night.

Lincolnshire County Council
Bourne Abbey Ward
Thursday 2nd October 2008
Sue Woolley (Con) 760
Helen Powell (Ind) 335
David Owens (BNP) 239
Roberta Britton (Lab) 202
Peter Morris (Lib-Dem) 198
Ashley Baxter (Green) 42
Peter Oldham (UKIP) 41
BNP Percentage: 13.2%
Last Time: Con 2362, Lab 1988.

To beat both the Labour and Lib-Dem candidates is definitely a feather in our cap and yet another annihilation of UKIP will no doubt bring a few more across from the once quite significant UKIP campaign team in Lincolnshire.
I spoke with the local organiser Mike Clayton yesterday afternoon and the result was just about what he expected although he thought the Lib-Dems who put out a 'ton of leaflets' would finish ahead of us.
The Conservative share of the vote was down 13% and Labour's down 35%! There were only two 'winners' on the night and that was the Independent candidate and the BNP. 

There were two other by-elections last night in London and Redcar although I'm unable to find any report of the latter at the moment. Maybe if any knows it they could post a comment.

Hillingdon Borough Council
West Ruislip Ward
Thursday 2nd October 2008
John RIley (Con) 1351
Adrian Betts (Lib-Dem) 860
John Campbell (Lab) 147
Denis MacDonald (BNP) 111
Graham Lee (Green) 55
Ian Edward (NF) 52
BNP Percentage: 4.3%
Last Time: Con 1974,1890,1831.
LibDem 1201, 972, 930.
Green 374.
Lab 316, 295.

That's a fair result for us in the capital and the combined BNP/NF vote would have seen us take third place from Labour. Green vote crashed which has been happening quite often recently.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Still here!

POOR record for blogging in September I'm afraid and I put that down to the demands placed on me by Freedom (as I always do) and the current financial crisis.

Almost every morning I sat down at my computer and opened the 'new post' page on my blog but after looking at the blank screen for five minutes, closed it and decided to get straight on with working on the British National Party's monthly newspaper.

Here's an exclusive for the visitors of this blog, the first showing on the front page of the October issue of Freedom.

The coverage of the financial crisis has been riveting especially on Channel 4 News and Radio 4's Today programme. At last some of the commentators are discussing the excesses of Wall Street and the City in real terms and not with the fawning tone that has been the norm over the past sixteen years when talking about finance.

There is an interesting solution to the current financial crisis being put forward by one lobby group for bankers. They want all the 'toxic debt' taken out of the system to 'free up liquidity' so that banks can start lending again and people can start spending again and all in order, so they say, to safeguard jobs.

Now I quite like this idea because I have a toxic debit which needs to be taken out of my system so that I can start spending again. Last year we went on a ski-ing holiday which we couldn't afford and paid for part of it on a credit card. For the past nine months I have been paying this debt off and as such have no money left to pay the deposit for my 2009 ski-ing trip. Now if the Government removed this debt and freed up my credit, I could then book my holiday which I shall claim is helping to safeguard jobs at Inghams, the ski travel firm.

But sadly, no one is going to write off my toxic debt so I'm just going to have to pay it back