Friday, 3 October 2008

A couple of by-election results

THERE was a good result for us in a county council by-election result in Bourne in Lincolnshire last night.

Lincolnshire County Council
Bourne Abbey Ward
Thursday 2nd October 2008
Sue Woolley (Con) 760
Helen Powell (Ind) 335
David Owens (BNP) 239
Roberta Britton (Lab) 202
Peter Morris (Lib-Dem) 198
Ashley Baxter (Green) 42
Peter Oldham (UKIP) 41
BNP Percentage: 13.2%
Last Time: Con 2362, Lab 1988.

To beat both the Labour and Lib-Dem candidates is definitely a feather in our cap and yet another annihilation of UKIP will no doubt bring a few more across from the once quite significant UKIP campaign team in Lincolnshire.
I spoke with the local organiser Mike Clayton yesterday afternoon and the result was just about what he expected although he thought the Lib-Dems who put out a 'ton of leaflets' would finish ahead of us.
The Conservative share of the vote was down 13% and Labour's down 35%! There were only two 'winners' on the night and that was the Independent candidate and the BNP. 

There were two other by-elections last night in London and Redcar although I'm unable to find any report of the latter at the moment. Maybe if any knows it they could post a comment.

Hillingdon Borough Council
West Ruislip Ward
Thursday 2nd October 2008
John RIley (Con) 1351
Adrian Betts (Lib-Dem) 860
John Campbell (Lab) 147
Denis MacDonald (BNP) 111
Graham Lee (Green) 55
Ian Edward (NF) 52
BNP Percentage: 4.3%
Last Time: Con 1974,1890,1831.
LibDem 1201, 972, 930.
Green 374.
Lab 316, 295.

That's a fair result for us in the capital and the combined BNP/NF vote would have seen us take third place from Labour. Green vote crashed which has been happening quite often recently.

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