Saturday, 31 January 2009

One too many glasses of Cava

OH DEAR, I over did it last night celebrating what must rank as one of the best days ever for British Nationalism.

I have forgotten how many issues of NF News, The Flag, and Freedom that I have banner-headlined with "British Jobs for British Workers, so to read the slogan in every single newspaper this morning is very rewarding.

It's only ten o'clock and Tina must have already taken 30 plus calls for new memberships, membership renewals and donations. I have a feeling that British Nationalism is facing its best opportunity to make significant progress.

The Truth Truck was at Sellafield, Whitehaven and Carlisle yesterday before going on to Immingham. I've already received some great photographs from the Carlisle visit and will give them a good spread in Freedom.

This from yesterday's issue of The Times:
“Yesterday was a great day for British Nationalism,” said a spokesman for the far-right BNP.
As workers addressed a crowd of around 600 outside Lindsey one of the workers shouted: “Get the BNP rep up there.”

I'm off for some more aspirins, back tomorrow.

Friday, 30 January 2009

I say give Weyman a chance!

I SHALL be scanning the Newcastle Chronicle today for Gerry Gable and Searchlight's comment on last night's Fenham Ward by-election in the City. Remember my prediction of yesterday that he will say:

"This result does not reflect a rise in the Party's popularity in the area. They have always had a strong base in Newcastle, so this is no great shock."

I would hazard a guess that with the year just one month old and with only four BNP results to date in 2009, Gerry's £multi-million deal with the Labour Party and Trade Unions to stem the votes of the BNP, is already in jeopardy. I'm thinking of starting a campaign to get Labour and the Unions to switch the funding to Weyman Bennett and the SWP's UAF - at least they can't do any worse than Gerry and his gang.

Joking aside, what a result last night. Beyond our most optimistic expectations. That sprightly young sapling, Ken Booth, had told me that he had wanted to close the gap on Labour and the Lib-Dems and put distance between the BNP and the Tories. Mission achieved. He also told me that he would be delighted to double the BNP's share of the vote. Mission achieved and more . . . . he trebled the vote.

East Midlands Election Officer, Wayne McDermott, an expert number cruncher on elections, told me late last night as we waited for the result that 18% would be a brilliant vote and would keep our Party's election momentum 'on high' . . . Ken received a 27% share of the vote!

As the editor of Freedom, I'm especially delighted with this result. It was the third election that has used a blanket distribution of the latest Freedom as a pre-canvassing warm-up 'leaflet'. In Workington, Whitehaven and Newcastle we have achieved votes beyond expectation, so I'm hopeful that the BNP's Advisory Council will give its approval to roll out this scheme nationwide. Next election up, where this has been done, will be Tameside on Thursday.

Congratulations to all those hard-working activists who made this result possible. I know Cumbria's Election officer Clive Jefferson and his team were regular visitors to Fenham, and it is this sort of co-operation between our two regions that made this campaign such a success. Next stop for us in Cumbria, is two city council elections in Carlisle next month.

And finally, on another great Friday for the British National Party, two bits of news about UKIP. I'm not going to comment on the items but will just make one plea to any UKIP members reading this blog - don't waste your time, energy or money on this lame duck. If you believe you are a British nationalist then your home is with us.

Statement from the Electoral Commission
22 Jan 2009
The Electoral Commission today (Thursday 22 January 2009) welcomed the decision of the High Court to order the re-hearing of a case concerning donations to the UK Independence Party. The Commission had brought a judicial review of the decision by Westminster Magistrates Court to order UKIP to forfeit only £18,481 of £367,697 in impermissible donations that the party had accepted. A re-hearing will take place at Westminster Magistrates Court.
Commenting on the decision, a Commission spokesperson said: We sought judicial review of the original decision of the Magistrates Court because we thought that it was important for parties, the public and for the Commission for there to be greater clarity about how the rules on forfeiture of impermissible political donations are applied.
The judgement has set out considerations that should be taken into account when a court is deciding cases about impermissible donations. In particular, these must include Parliaments intention when passing the legislation that the test for permissibility of a donation by an individual to a political party is whether the donor is on the electoral register.
Political parties are vital to the health of our democracy and they need to raise money to campaign, develop policy and communicate with voters. However, it is also important that they follow the rules on party funding.

Dear UKIP member,
We are writing this letter more in sorrow than in anger. At a time when every effort should be directed to our June election campaign, the NEC is wasting time and money on divisive and controversial changes to the UKIP constitution. It is now holding a members' referendum on this.
What is worse, the purpose seems to be to make it easier to get rid of members at a time when we should be concentrating on the reverse - expanding our membership. The changes will stifle freedom of expression within the party and reduce and weaken the power of members:
Amendments 6 and 19 (VOTE 2) The changes abolish the annual business meeting. Members will be deprived of their current absolute right to *vote* annual on the Party's accounts at a meeting of all members and to *receive* annual reports from all national officers. Yet the Party should belong to its members and the leadership should be accountable to them.
Amendments to 14 (VOTE 4) the changes will *abolish the democratic right* of members to elect a Disciplinary Committee at the annual business meeting. Instead a Disciplinary Panel of three will be selected arbitrarily by the unelected Party Secretary from a "pool" of about 55 people, themselves appointed by regional committees. Further changes will give the unelected Party Chairman (appointed by the Leader) arbitrary powers to suspend temporarily any member for any reason without a hearing.
These changes are worthy of the EU itself - *reducing* accountability and democracy.
Given that the leadership launched this attack on members' rights and is now asking your view, we feel it right to present the case against. We ask you to vote *AGAINST* all changes but particularly Vote 2 and Vote 4. The other changes are simply needless.
In less than six months voters will be choosing their MEPs. *UKIP should be campaigning now for a major breakthrough*. yet it is low on the opinion polls and short of campaign funds.
The NEC discussed the coming campaign for the first time only a few days ago. Meanwhile it has been wasting energy on feauding and squabbles. It then launched a witchhunt for imagined enemies within. Two NEC members elected by the members were summarily kicked off the NEC; their crime apparently being to express their own opinions (and absolutely nothing to do with the BNP as some have tried to imply). The deputy Treasurer was similarly removed. Ordinary members have been thrown out without being given the right to any hearing.
We condemn this navel-gazing and misdirection of effort. It must stop. We call on the leadership to accept that any democratic party is bound to have a spread of views; that intellectual debate can be healthy and that, amazingly, the Leader, the Chairman and the NEC may not always be right.
As promonent UKIP members we call on the Party to unite, dispose of this distraction quickly *by voting against these unneeded changes* and concentrate on the proper task in hand.
Yours sincerely
Sir Richard Body, was MP for 39 years
Tim Congdon CBE, leading economist
Roger Knapman MEP, former Party Leader and MP
Dr. Eric Edmond, elected NEC member
Piers Merchant, former UKIP Chief Executive and MP
Bruce Lawson FCA, former UKIP Treasurer
Martin Haslam FCA, former UKIP deputy treasurer
Del Young, elected NEC member
Dr. David Abbott, elected NEC member

Have a great weekend. Big FA Trophy game for me with Workington entertaining Wrexham. The last time the two sides met was 29 years ago when both teams were still in the Football League. Hopefully there will be a 1,000 plus gate at Borough Park tomorrow.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

At last, Britons are stirring!

WHAT a good story to wake up to this morning! British workers at the third largest oil refinery in the country walking out because the management has brought in 90 foreign workers to cut costs.

Over three hundred staff took part in the unofficial action at the Lindsey Refinery, near Immingham, yesterday and one worker told BBC Radio Humberside: "We are angry that workers have been taken on from outside the UK when people here are out of work."

Great stuff. Let's hope the local BNP unit can organise an activity at the gates today giving out our British Jobs for British Workers leaflets.

Fenham Ward by-election today and I am very lucky that I am still able to give you the latest news from Newcastle. That's because Ken Booth, our excellent candidate, wasn't happy with me yesterday because someone told him that I had described him as "a boring old fart" on the BNP website. What I actually said was "a rather dry old stick" which is very different. After checking for himself, Ken agreed to this latest run-down. He told me:

"Everything depends on today. Either Labour, the Lib-Dems or ourselves could win. We will do everything we can to get our vote out. But what is most important is to look at our vote share. We are coming up from just 10%, where the other two parties are working from a base of 35%. That's a huge amount of ground to make up."

Cumbria's elections officer, Clive Jefferson, was at the opening of the postal votes yesterday. Of course he is sworn to secrecy about what took place, but what I did glean from what he was able to tell me was that neither Labour, nor the Lib-Dems had built up an unassailable lead and Clive confirms what Ken told me . . . "Everything depends on today".

If anyone can get to Newcastle today to help, activity will be going on till 10.00pm.

Interesting quote from Gerry Gable in the Bexley Times yesterday:

The newspaper reported: "But anti-BNP campaigners said the result did not reflect a rise in the party's popularity in the area. Searchlight publisher Gerry Gable said: "They have always had a strong base in the Bexley area, so this is no great shock.".

Our antagonist-in-chief acknowledging that we have a strong base of support!!!!

Normally he says we don't have any support and that anyone who has voted BNP "has been duped".

So why the change of tack?

I'll tell you why. Searchlight has just been handed a huge budget by the Labour Party and Trade Unions to try to keep the BNP votes down this year. Gerry knows this is a forlorn hope so in order to keep the funding coming in he will be dismissing every significant BNP vote with the quote: "This result does not reflect a rise in the Party's popularity. They have always had a strong base in the area, so this is no great shock."

I predict that Gerry's next three quotes to the press will be:

"This result does not reflect a rise in the Party's popularity in the area. They have always had a strong base in Newcastle, so this is no great shock."

"This result does not reflect a rise in the Party's popularity in the area. They have always had a strong base in Tameside, so this is no great shock."

"This result does not reflect a rise in the Party's popularity in the area. They have always had a strong base in Croydon, so this is no great shock."

Experience teaches you to always keep your feet on the ground, and that is what everyone must do during these exciting times. I have the greatest antidote when I suspect my expections are running away with me - the Mid Staffs by-election in March 1990.

I was the National Front's campaign manager and spent nearly a month in the constituency, working every day to try to maximise the Nationalist vote.

This was the result:

Mid Staffordshire (Lab gain from Con)
S Heal (Lab) 27,649
C Prior (Con) 18,200
T Jones (Lib-Dem) 6,315
I Wood (SDP) 1,422
R Saunders (Green) 1,215
J Bazeley (Ind) 547
D Sutch (Monster) 336
C Hill (NF) 311

It was a 'throat-slitting' result, just 0.6% of the vote and beaten by the Monster Raving Loony Party. But little did I know at the time that those four, what appeared to be wasted, weeks would provide me with so much stability today.

And that's because it taught me to take nothing for granted and to appreciate each and every day that our Party is making progress. The membership of the BNP is growing every day and our election results are getting better every week. That is a massive feat considering what our enemies have thrown at us.

And finally, we are nearly through the week after ski-ing. Anyone who goes ski-ing will know that it is the hardest holiday to come back from. The first week home is just full of memories of the previous seven days and it's almost like 'doing time' to get through it. Now, if I may, the last photo from the holiday (I promise). "On top of the world, Ma"

My hat is an exclusive Workington Reds bobble hat. Guaranteed to keep you warm in freezing temperatures at Borough Park or on top of an Austrian mountain.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

What's in a few beers?

THE following was posted on the comments section last night and I'm re-printing it here just in case some readers don't visit there. Alan is one of our dedicated activists in the North East and he has been working hard in the Fenham by-election which takes place on Thursday.

"Some impressions from canvassing in 2 parts of the ward, one a council estate, the other highly 'enriched.'
1. English voters on the council estate were highly resentful of foreigners jumping the housing queue.
2. Support was generally good on the council estate, at least 50% of those at home when canvassed.
3. Supporters could all give a reason for voting BNP. 'No' voters never gave any reason for voting 'No' to the BNP (or for not voting at all).
4. 2 people canvassed reported threats of dismissal from employers about voting BNP. They were advised to report the threats to the police and reminded that the vote is a secret ballot (unsure why they didn't know this, apparently).
5. 'Enriched' parts of the ward are clearly victims of 'mouseholing,' foreigners occupying one house at a time in sequence, eventually forcing most whites out.
6. Many white voters in the 'enriched' areas said 'No' to the BNP. At least some may fear reprisals if the BNP does well.
7. Foreigners are conspicuous by their presence i.e. they don't have jobs - Fenham high street is as bad as or worse than the centre of Leeds in this respect, I thought.
A salutory experience."

Alan's thoughts show just what a difficult contest this one is to call. Probably that 11% ethnic minority vote will decide the outcome especially if there is a block vote for either Labour or the Lib-Dems.

Yesterday I reported on the Deputy Returning Officer at Bexley responding to complaints concerning the East Wickham by-election where the Tory candidate beat our own Michael Barnbrook by just 8 votes. I've been asked to provide some background.

There's a very good by-election website called Vote-2007 and on this site all the by-elections taking place are discussed by activities from the main parties.
Now one posting after the count came from a Lib-Dem in response to a spat with a Tory who had accused the Lib-Dems of taking votes from the Tory candidate and almost handing the BNP victory. It said:

"I would also talk to any friends you have in the local Tories about what happened at the count... but all I can say is the local Tories owe us some beers!"

Just some web-room banter you might think, but what makes this interesting is the 'Borrowman' who posted this comment has been identified as the husband/partner of the Lib-Dem candidate and so was definitely at the count. The key words are "what happened at the count" which indicates that is was something untoward.

The saga is continuing and David Moon, a nationalist who I have known for nearly a quarter of a century, is not letting the matter rest. He has responded to the Deputy Returning Officer's letter:

"I did not suggest that the website I referred to, 'Vote UK Discussion Forum', had anything to do with Bexley Council. You appear to have missed the point! I referred to it because it was potentially evidence of some collusion between the scrutineers/counting agents from the Liberal Democrat and Conservative parties aimed at affecting the outcome of the election. You are, I am sure, well aware of the particular circumstances surrounding this by-election. The Lib Dem, Conservative and Labour parties were more concerned with the prevention of the election of the BNP candidate than the success of their own campaigns.
The result was a very close one and whilst the candidates and agents may have consented to the result standing following the recount, I do not think it helps the publics confidence in the democratic process if you ignore any potential evidence of fraud because it is inconvenient. Never forget that you and the other employees of the council are SERVANTS of the people, not their masters!

There's more on this, here, from a Lib-Dem Euro candidate.

Although it might all seem rather mysterious, our election guru Eddy Butler is very happy with the way the count was conducted and believes there is no reason for anyone to suspect that there was any skullduggery taking place. He told me this lunchtime:
"I am perfectly satisfied that the count was conducted in the correct manner (I was there) and there is no evidence of cheating. The staff at the count conducted two re-counts on their own initiative - without us even having to ask - which speaks for itself."

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom - that's me for the next few days, although I will keep this blog updated. Our own election guru up here in Cumbria, Clive Jefferson, has ordered 6,000 extra copies of the newspaper for the two by-elections in Carlisle that we are contesting, and he wants them "yesterday". . . . Hopefully he will have them late next week.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Third Parties in Fenham!

This is a letter being sent out by the trade union Unison, intent on interfering with the result of the Fenham ward by-election which is being fought on Thursday. This is on top of a scurrilous leaflet put out earlier in the campaign by the same trade union. It will be interesting to see on which candidate's election expenses these items appear.

On the subject of interference in elections by "third parties", I am delighted to report that the BNP's legal eagle, Lee Barnes, has been in touch with the Electoral Commission with regard to a number of recent developments which appear to indicate that huge sums of money are already being spent by such "third parties" which could be in breech of electoral law. Needless to say this money is being spent on schemes designed to try to stop people voting for the British National Party. I will keep you up to date with any developments.

"It was all fair!" That's the bleat from the deputy returning officer at Bexley Council after he received a deluge of complaints concerning dubious electoral practices at the recent East Wickham by-election where the Tories held the seat by just eight votes from the BNP. In a letter to a regular reader of this blog he wrote:

"The Council has received a number of enquiries about comments appearing on the website “ Vote UK Discussion forum.” This website has nothing to do with the Council. I can confirm that the count was conducted to the highest professional standards within election rules. If you need further clarification I suggest you take up your concerns directly with the author of the comments.
Malcolm Constable
Deputy Returning Officer / Electoral Services Manager
London Borough of Bexley"

I was offered a 3 minute slot on Sunday's Politics Show which is covering the growth of the British National Party in Cumbria and the North East, but because of pressure of work (Freedom must be ready for next week) I had to decline the invitation. I understand that Adam Walker from Durham has been lined up as a more than suitable replacement.

I have appeared on the Politics Show before, back in 2004, when once again I was promised a three minute slot. I travelled over to Sunderland, a drive which took nearly 2 hours. I waited around for another two hours, did the interview and then drove back home. It was a day out from work but which would be worthwhile if it provided some good publicity. When I was watching the programme a couple of days later, the door bell rang and I opened it to let in a friend of my daughter. When I settled back to watch the rest of the show, I suddenly realised that I had been and gone. My three minute slot was, in fact, just 15 seconds. I have had numerous similar experiences which have put me off ever making any effort to accommodate the media.

I forgot to tell you about Christmas, I won the draw to choose the afternoon film and we all watched "Brassed Off". Everyone liked it and I will no doubt enjoy watching again. Here's a scene that's quite poignant. Stephen Tompkinson is Phil, a miner badly in debt after being arrested and imprisoned during the Miner's Strike. He supplements his income by being a clown for children's parties but when his wife and children walk out on him because the debt collectors have taken their furniture, he votes to take the pay-off offered by the Coal Board and votes to close the Grimley pit - hence this scene is called Coco the Scab

Monday, 26 January 2009

BBC on a sticky wicket

DON'T you just love John Humphrys. He utterly destroyed BBC Director General Mark Thompson, presumably his boss, on the Today Programme this morning over the Corporation's decision not to carry the charity appeal for the victims of the Israeli onslaught on Gaza.

I would have liked John to ask him the question that must have been on the mind of those who were listening to the interview: "Aren't you blocking the appeal because you have been instructed to do so by the powerful pro-Israel lobby within the BBC?"

I expect I will be accused of being anti-semitic for just thinking such a thing, but let me tell you that by banning this appeal the BBC are themselves stoking up anti-semitism, especially amongst Muslims living in this country and the supporters of the Palestinians who will wonder just what has to be done for the BBC to say something critical of Israel.

The Metropolitan Police says that there have been 150 anti-semitic incidents in the capital since the start of the conflict in Gaza, including a suspected arson attack on a north London synagogue, verbal abuse, offensive graffiti. No doubt some of these have come about due to the frustration of protestors at the blanket ban by the Beeb on reporting the anti-Israel demonstrations that have been held in the city. Personally, I don't believe that this ban is anything to do with protecting Israeli sensibilities, but more to do with the BBC being worried that the sight of 10,000 very angry Muslims on the march will frighten the life out of ordinary Brits and drive them into the arms of the BNP.

Congratulations to Gerry and Sonia Gable and their Searchlight organisation - they have been awarded the golden goose that lays the golden egg. Labour Party and trade union funds will be channelled into their Stop the BNP front in the run-up to the local and European elections in June, while the SWP- run Unite Against Facism (UAF) will have to be satisfied with any crumbs from their table.

I'm happy with this. For the past 30 years, Gerry has been the main torchbearer of those who oppose British Nationalism. The fact that we are now at our most influential position ever, shows that he hasn't done a very good job. I'm quite content for his Searchlight gang to keep hold of the "anti-BNP" reins, while the virtually untried UAF is kept in the background.

A huge dollop of Labour Party money has already come Gerry's way enabling him to sign up Barack Obama's web strategists Blue State Digital (BSD), to try to stem support for the British National Party. The consultancy was behind Obama's online success and the idea is that they will use the Internet to help Searchlight stop the BNP winning a seat in the European election.

I'm not particularly concerned about this. There is a huge difference in generating support for something - as BSD did for Obama - and generating opposition against something. Anyone living in Britain who opposes the British National Party so strongly is already involved in campaigns against us. BSD say they will help Searchlight by innovative messaging, which I can only think means targetting recently-arrived immigrants in their own language warning them that the BNP would like to take away their seat on the gravy train.

And finally . . . Nigel Farage. Back in the Summer of 1967, my second favourite group, the Small Faces, made a record called Lazy Sunday, you probably know it. It was a music hall number and nothing like anything the band had done before. Although it was a hit, organist Ian McLagan said it sounded the death knell of the group because they had become a joke band and no one took them seriously any more. Months later Stevie Marriott left for Humble Pie and the Small Faces were no more.

I expect you are getting my drift if you watched the Politics Show yesterday. Although he might have been pleased with the personal publicity, Nigel Farage was seen as a joke politician and the high profile BBC slot showed that his UK Independence Party can't be taken seriously any more. I shall leave the last word on this to Anthony Butcher, a longstanding administrator of the UKIP-supporting website Democracy Forum. He said:

"I can't imagine that anyone watching would think that it was his finest hour.
The whole smoking thing doesn't look good to most people, especially littering fag butts - that's just annoying.
"Don't talk to me about money"... "I don't have any money"... from someone on £100K+ (I believe) isn't going to connect with many voters especially in a recession. I thought that he looked a little 'tired and emotional' at that point too.
The many and varied pictures of UKIP MEPs boozing away wouldn't be my first choice of image either. Combine that with the interviewer calling them schoolboys engaging in silly games and I can't honestly think that this will gain UKIP any credibility. It just didn't come across as a serious venture."

. . . . but Lazy Sunday was still a great record - have a listen.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Back in one piece

JUST back from a week's ski-ing in Kuhtai in Austria. We took our annual winter holiday early this year to save money and clear the decks for what is going to be a massive year for the BNP.

As you can imagine there were great celebrations on Friday morning when I logged on to the hotel's computer and found out the Bexley result. I had been hoping that we could reduce the Tory majority to around 250/300 votes, so to bring it down to just eight was an incredible performance. We had been discussing the by-election with a Tory Party agent and his wife who were also staying at the hotel. They put on a brave face - "a win is a win" - but looked shellshocked when I showed them the full figures.

I have 288 emails that need a response so I'm hoping to clear those today to leave next week clear for Freedom. Just checking my search engine for news of the BNP in local newspapers and there are 12 pages of results promoting the link to Harriet Harman's pronouncement that Nick Griffin might be a MEP in June. What great publicity for us and another 'own goal' by Labour. I'm hoping that it was my analysis on page 5 of the January issue of Freedom that prompted her outburst.

And talking of own goals, here locally the Tories have selected a former councillor who was reprimanded for viewing porn on his council computer last time he was in office, to contest the forthcoming Belah Ward by-election in Carlisle. His selection either shows the utter contempt the Conservative Party has for voters in the Border city, or the difficulty they are facing in finding suitable candidates to contest local elections here in Cumbria.

More politics tomorrow and back to the holiday to let the memories linger just a little longer. The recession is certainly hitting Austria. The food at the Sporthotel was excellent but that was only due to an imaginative chef. We had offal for three courses, and the local Zander fish on another three occasions. Last year there was plenty of beef and other more expensive cuts of meats on the menu - this year they were no where to be seen.

For us, it was the collapse of the pound that made everything much more expensive than last year. This meant that it was beer and chips for lunch up the mountain and drinks in the room before dinner with vodka smuggled in in our suitcase. Thankfully the weather was so cold that we could make our own ice by leaving ice bags on the balcony.

This resort is a gem, and an undiscovered one at that. Just a 30 minute transfer from Innsbruck, no queues at the ski-lifts and vast empty runs back to the village. The picture shows me taking a break on Thursday afternoon just before a final run down the mountain. In this bar we would stop for Jager tea - a rum and cinnamon based drink - which boosts confidence and gives you the strength to go flying down the mountain just one more time when your knees and back are saying that they have had enough.

Anyway, sadly that's it for another year. If funds permit and the body is still willing we shall be back again in 2010, although we might try another hotel as we have been to the Sporthotel for two years running now and this tends to blur each holiday into one.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Enough to make you spit

A date for your diary - Tuesday 20th January, the Great Hall in Manchester Town Hall in Albert Square. 11.00am - 4.00pm.

Only kidding, it's a Jobs Fair for Black & Minority Ethnic people and the last people the organisers would want to see are any umemployed traditional Brits.

The blurb for the event makes it very clear that this is special treatment for immigrants to enable them to get jobs in front of the indigenous population by giving them a direct line to employers.

"Increase your independence and confidence when applying for jobs. Find out what's on offer from a wide variety of employers from the private, public and voluntary sectors, who will be available to answer queries about specific job and career opportunities.
A wide variety of job vacancies will be available on the day. Visitors can also obtain advice on employment related matters, training and educational opportunities. Free workshops will also take place, offering practical advice on completing application forms and interview techniques."

It's enough to make you spit! I hope that voters in the Hyde Newton by-election are made aware of this preferential treatment taking place on their doorstep.

And talking of that contest in Tameside, I'm pleased to reveal my "Creep of the Week" who is Adam Derbyshire an anti-BNP journalist working on the Tameside Advertiser. This bloke finds it impossible to report on the British National Party without letting his personal prejudices taint his copy. His bias is so transparent that it is almost funny, but not that funny because he is the main journalist reporting on what will be a very closely fought by-election.

There's a typical offering from Derbyshire in the latest edition of the Guardian Media Group owned Advertiser where he suggests there are fears that the BNP may 'claw' its way on to the council in the forthcoming by-election. In fact, when looking back over his handiwork, he uses the words 'claw' and 'clawed' on half a dozen occasions when describing the BNP's electoral effort. Back in November he described the leaked BNP membership list as a "roll of shame" and on other occasions he has used any and every opportunity to try to smear the BNP.

And finally, tomorrow there's a big push in Bexley for the East Wickham by-election where voting takes place on Thursday, so if you live within travelling distance please get along and help. Just contact your local organiser who will have all the details of the meeting points.

This is an important election for us because it will show whether the public are perceiving us as a credible alternative to the Old Gang parties now that the recession is starting to hurt. The ward is rock solid Conservative and they have a 1,000 majority over the main challengers according to the GLA results for East Wickham in May. Labour and the BNP are running neck and neck for second place, so the ideal outcome for us on Thursday would be to finish ahead of Labour and to reduce the Tory majority.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Irrelevant questions from Labour MPs

As it is bash the BBC week on this blog, I shall continue the theme as an opening to today's posting.

Take a look at this report

Find anything strange? Let me give you a clue - Leader of the Council?? Political position?? Something missing??

Yes, you have got it, the BBC has failed to mention Mr Cartwright's political party. As you have probably already guessed, he was the LABOUR leader of Redditch Council and a LABOUR councillor for the town's Greenlands ward.

Now if that had been a BNP councillor stealing from a charity, 'BNP' would have been in the headline of the report. But as it was Labour, his political allegiances are never mentioned. And that's par for the course for the BBC. Any Labour misdemeanours are swept under the carpet and not reported or disguised, just as the Corporation hides any incidents of anti-White racism.

If I'm still of working age by the time the BNP gets to power, I shall be hot-footing it to Nick Griffin's door begging to be the new Director General of the BBC . . . and then you will see some changes!

I'm confused. Did you see Prime Minister's Questions yesterday? I thought Brown did quite well against Cameron in the opening exchanges. As I sat back and waited to see what the ineffective Nick Clegg had to offer, I was astounded that the next question came from the vile, lizard-like, Keith Vaz. How could he jump the queue like that? And to make matters worse, at a time when Britain is in crisis, his question was about getting fairer treatment for the Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka, underlining the irrelevance of any contribution he has ever made to British politics.

Do the immigrant MPs in Westminster have such a Saint-like status that they can jump in front of the leader of one of our opposition parties? Before I switched off to get back to work, I did hear another vitally important question from another Labour MP - "Is the Prime Minister going to congratulate Barak Obama on his inauguration?" . . . ye Gods in such desperate times my sympathy goes out to the constituents of this creep who has such a warped sense of priority.

And finally there's an interesting by-election in Bexley a week today, where our candidate is Michael Barnbrook who is standing in East Wickham ward.

Last time this Tory stronghold was contested in a three vacancy election the BNP came third, 700 votes behind the 3 Tory candidates and 200 votes behind the three Labour candidates. But last May in the GLA elections the figures for the ward put the BNP up into 2nd place 20 votes ahead of Labour, but nearly 1000 votes behind the Tories.

So next Thursday, it is very much a battle for second place and news from our campaigners in the ward is that we could just be winning that battle.

One other interesting fact about the election is that the Lib-Dem candidate has taken on the mantle of being the official anti-BNP candidate. According to the chat on the various political forums, she had no campaign workers so invited the UAF gang in to put out her leaflets when they were putting out their own rubbish. It will be interesting to see what sort of vote she gets. In the GLA election the Lib-Dems were 300 votes behind us in the ward. Background to this election on Vote-2007.

Here's our excellent candidate, Michael Barnbrook.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The BBC are on another planet

THE BBC were going into overdrive yesterday on the Prince Harry affair. Despite bigger news stories, BBC Radio 5 Live persisted with hour upon hour of coverage of Harry and the "paki" word. Nicky Campbell kicked things off at breakfast, then Victoria Deryshire at lunch, then 5 Live Drive, all linded up speaker after speaker jumping on the Muslim and/or the equality bandwagon to claim their pound of flesh from poor Harry.

As one of my researchers, Rory Allanson from London pointed out:

"I thought the BBC had a dedicated channel for Asians to express themsleves called BBC Asian Network. A dedicated channel paid for by you and me. No wonder many now have another name for the Corporation - "the Black Broadcasting Channel."

As I have frequently said on this blog, and will say so again and again, the BBC are so out of touch with the feelings of the British people. There was a classic example yesterday lunchtime when Royal Correspondent Nicholas Witchell, was trotted out to give the analysis on the whole sorry affair. He said that the public had divided into two camps over the issue. Those who were outraged at the remarks and wanted Harry to be disciplined and those who were outraged but believed Harry's apology should be accepted!

Witchell is right about one thing - that there are two camps, but wide of the mark in what each is thinking. There's the multi-racial brigade who are baying for blood and they make up around 10% of public opinion and then there's the traditional Brits who are amazed that there is so much fuss being made at this time about a silly remark made three years ago, which makes up the remaining 90%.

News from down the West Cumbrian coast at Barrow is that the BNP's Mike Ashburner has had his complaint against an opposition candidate for threatening and abusive behaviour at an election count rejected by the Standards Board. You can read the report here.

I got as far as this part of it before not bothering to read any further:

Now the council’s standards committee has looked into the matter and cleared Cllr Hamezeian.
In a statement, Ola Oduwole, corporate services director and monitoring officer for the council, said: “ . . . .

Once I saw the name of the monitoring officer I sort of guessed what the outcome would be.

There have been some squeals of anguish from our opponents after a distribution of the latest issue of Freedom in Newcastle. Hopefully they are upset because they can see that the newspaper is really going to appeal to voters in these difficult times and boost Ken Booth's vote in the city's Fenham by-election.

And here's a photo of our excellent candidate:

Monday, 12 January 2009

"You can hear the BNP votes stacking up"

THIS is my favourite expression at the moment to describe the media's own goals as they desperately try to shore up Britain's multi-racial society and stem the growth of the British National Party.

I heard those BNP votes stacking up yesterday evening during Channel 4's news bulletin as presenter Krishnan Guru Murthy, introduced a report by Keme Nzerem about a 'home video' produced by Prince Harry THREE YEARS AGO. Murthy then held a long discussion with Labour MP Keith Vaz, about what punishment should be meted out to the young Royal who is at present serving in our country's armed services.

The votes were stacking up at a respectable rate during the ten minute report and discussion as traditional Brits were no doubt irked, to say the least, by the pronouncements of these self-important 'newcomers' who owe their positions of influence here in Britain as much to their ethnicity as any talent they might have for the job. But it was only after the next, ten second report, that the BNP voter-counter started clocking up the BNP votes at a more frenetic rate.

That 'ten second' report told us that ON THIS VERY DAY a British soldier had been killed in Afghanistan, most probably by a Muslim who had crossed the border from PAKIstan to carry out his mission. Ten seconds for the loss of a British life, and only AFTER ten minutes of hounding a member of the Royal Family for a throwaway remark. To me, that is a massive own goal by our media manipulators and shows just how out of touch they are with the thinking of the British people at this time.

I know those who visit these pages have also been to Simon Darby's brilliant blog, so I won't duplicate his report on the Hyde Newton by-election for Tameside Council. It shows just how worried Labour are, that they have dispatched a Cabinet Minister from London to oversee the campaign.

I can give you some information on our excellent candidate Rosalind Gauci. This from her election address.

Ros was born in Manchester, went to school in Levenshulme and Chorlton cum Hardy. She has lived and worked in London, Malta, North Africa and Saudi Arabia before moving back North to live in Ashton. For two years she was on the board of directors of a Housing Association in Tameside.
"Taking into consideration all my experience in working in other countries and my time with the local housing association, I feel I can give quite a lot to the community as a British National Party Councillor for Hyde Newton," she said.
Now widowed, Ros has 2 married sons and 2 grandchildren.

And here's a photo of this brave lady - good luck Ros.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Don't you fret

"Don't you fret" was a B- side on a Kinks 45 from the early 1960's . . it could have been on the back of Tired of Waiting or Set Me Free, or even, maybe, on the Well Respected Man EP.

Anyway, Don't You Fret is my advice to the senders of the dozen or so emails that I have received this very morning concerning an article in the Sunday Telegraph which quotes an opinion poll predicting that UKIP will pick up 7% of the vote and the BNP just 4% in the European Elections.

This is nonsense. We have seen UKIP's votes for the past two years and they are non existent compared to those of the BNP. UKIP are a busted flush and unless they can conjure up another Kilroy Silk moment, they won't get any MEPs and certainly won't poll more votes than the BNP.

Take anything you read in the Telegraph about the Tories and UKIP with a pinch of salt. There's a little coterie of journalists on the payroll of this newspaper who are anti-EU and they believe that by promoting UKIP they can push the Tories into adopting a less pro-Europe stance. And that's what reports like this are all about. Trying to convince the Conservative leadership that UKIP can take away their votes, so they must consider changing their policy on Europe.

In the main, opinion polls tell the person who pays for their research what they want to hear. And I can assure you that is very much the case here.

On another subject, I have received an email from Patrick Edwards, a student currently studying A-level history at college. Apparently one of his text books called 'Britain 1945-2007' by Micheal Lynch, states on page 225: . . . the British National Party, an extremist, racist party that appeals largely to people with personality disorders. Whether it should be described as a left or right-wing movement has excited considerable debate'.

Patrick told me:
"This disgusted me and I sat there in a real rage. I stood up and said that I was am a member of the BNP, that I wasn't racist and that I certainly didn't have a personality disorder. This led to a debate on the BNP with all 20 students attending the lecture contributing and contradicting what was said in the book. I was pleased that I stood up and questioned the validity of the book because it stopped those at the lecture being brainwashed .

Finally a word of warning about an email going around begging for money for Simon Sheppard and Steve Whittle. Sheppard was the creep who back in February of last year used the stolen BNP membership to send out his nazi propaganda which caused a great deal of upset and offence to BNP members and a casued a great deal of trouble to the British National Party at a very difficult time. His ilk are an embarrassment to the nationalist cause and my advice is to just delete the email if you get one.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

The start of the snowball

DID you see Newsnight on BBC 2 on Wednesday? There was a surprising plug for the British National Party in a discussion on what effect the current recession might have on British politics. The issue under the spotlight was the traditional Labour voters that were turning in significant numbers to the BNP.

Did you see the Daily Mail today!!

Well, that same theme - Labour voters turning to the BNP, is continued over two whole pages of that popular tabloid along with quite a good photo of two long standing BNP activists, Derek Adams and Roy Goodwin. There was a mention in the report of a Freedom papersale in Salford just before Christmas, and yesterday I had written up the very same activity for Freedom. Unfortunately the photograph of the three local activists, Tommy Williams, Kevin Henshaw and Wayne Taylor was of not good enough quality to reproduce, so the activity just got a few lines in Freedom. Anyway, I have to admit that I much prefer the Daily Mail's report of the paper sale. It read:

"Of course, these words were lapped up by the contingent of would-be BNP councillors in Salford. They include a former managing director of a packaging company, a railway worker and the owner of a driving school. Every so often they set up a stall on a Saturday at the Salford shopping precinct. They hand out leaflets which are more moderate in tone than in the past.
'The BNP don't hate anyone,' states one. 'We just want to make sure that our own people aren't turned into second-class citizens.'
Another adds: 'It's wrong that immigrants who've never paid a penny into our system can come to Britain and go to the front of the queue.'
A third makes it clear where they are coming from. 'Teach the politicians who have ignored you a lesson. In 2009, everyone can vote BNP in the Euro Elections.'
Few born and bred Salfordians would disagree with their sentiments. Certainly, on one Saturday before Christmas, every single leaflet from the BNP stall was carried off to be read by eager locals, many of them women.
When the activists ran out of magazines and literature there was, according to one shopkeeper who was watching, nearly a riot as the disappointed were turned away empty-handed.

Perhaps this should serve as a timely warning to Hazel Blears and the rest of the New Labour hierarchy, who many feel have let down the ordinary people who put them in power."

The theme - Labour voters turning to the BNP - is gaining credibility each time such a story is covered by the media, and as more politically-minded journalists investigate the evidence of this and discover our recent results in Cumbria and the North East, there will be even more reports following the same line.

It's a great position for a political party to be in at the start of a year and the run-up towards the European Elections in June when everyone in Great Britain has the opportunity to vote. Our snowball of popularity started rolling at the end of December with those three stunning by-election results, and now just weeks later, the popular press are helping it roll faster and get even bigger by talking up our support.

"Stop moping and get posting!" - That's what one colleague emailed me this week referring to the lack of activity on this blog. He was under the impression that I had thrown a strop over the possibility of UKIP MEP Ashley Mote, joining the BNP and leapfrogging to the front of our Euro Election list in the South East.

I can assure you that wasn't the case. I must admit that I was very unhappy that it was deemed necessary for any such meeting with the discredited MEP to take place, and made my thoughts clear in last Friday's post. But as the outcome of the meeting was as I had hoped it would be, this wasn't the reason for my absence.

I'm off ski-ing for a week in Austria next month and in my over eagerness in the gym to lose some of the weight that I put on over Christmas, I damaged my back and it was this injury that has laid me flat out for the past few days. I'm getting better by the day now, but not quite up to the 8 hour round trip to Nottingham for the Organisers' Conference. I hope it went well.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Warning - Chameleon Alert

Well, Freedom has just gone to the printers and I think it's an excellent issue, even if I say so myself, which I frequently do. This edition, in particular, is a great advertisement for the British National Party and really lets the public 'see inside' our Party - the people at local level who make the BNP tick.

As I said, it's a great advert for a great Party, and it is capitalising on the fact that one of the reasons that the electorate is looking much more closely at us now, is because we aren't tainted by the sleaze and corruption of the old gang parties.

Mainstream politics has always been the home of the crook and the opportunist. Those who see political power as a way of gaining influence so that they can benefit financially from the status they have achieved thanks to their elevated position of responsibility given to them by the public vote. These creeps can be of any, every, or no political persuasion. They are chameleons and can change political allegiance at the drop of a hat so long as they can hold on to their power and influence which allows them to feather their own nest.

The BNP isn't tainted by the presence of these people at the present time because our poor media image has deterred them and in the past we have been a long way away from gaining any significant political influence. But all that is changing now, and I'm certain that these crooks, chameleons and creeps will soon be queuing up at our door in their search for a position so that they can gain, or extend, their influence in order to keep their personal cash registers ringing.

People who are not nationalists, have never been nationalists and who never intend to become nationalists, will be sniffing around looking for their opportunity to join the BNP because of the Party's increasing electoral success which will almost certainly continue in 2009.

We must be on the look out for these chancers and dispatch them from whence they came. They can bring nothing to our Party and their presence within our ranks will only demoralise and alienate those loyal members who have worked through the difficult times to bring us to the brink of our breakthrough.

Of course, there will be people from other parties who will want to come and join us and they will be welcome, but we must be alert to the political chameleon who sees our popularity in the polls as their opportunity to increase their personal wealth.