Thursday, 15 January 2009

Irrelevant questions from Labour MPs

As it is bash the BBC week on this blog, I shall continue the theme as an opening to today's posting.

Take a look at this report

Find anything strange? Let me give you a clue - Leader of the Council?? Political position?? Something missing??

Yes, you have got it, the BBC has failed to mention Mr Cartwright's political party. As you have probably already guessed, he was the LABOUR leader of Redditch Council and a LABOUR councillor for the town's Greenlands ward.

Now if that had been a BNP councillor stealing from a charity, 'BNP' would have been in the headline of the report. But as it was Labour, his political allegiances are never mentioned. And that's par for the course for the BBC. Any Labour misdemeanours are swept under the carpet and not reported or disguised, just as the Corporation hides any incidents of anti-White racism.

If I'm still of working age by the time the BNP gets to power, I shall be hot-footing it to Nick Griffin's door begging to be the new Director General of the BBC . . . and then you will see some changes!

I'm confused. Did you see Prime Minister's Questions yesterday? I thought Brown did quite well against Cameron in the opening exchanges. As I sat back and waited to see what the ineffective Nick Clegg had to offer, I was astounded that the next question came from the vile, lizard-like, Keith Vaz. How could he jump the queue like that? And to make matters worse, at a time when Britain is in crisis, his question was about getting fairer treatment for the Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka, underlining the irrelevance of any contribution he has ever made to British politics.

Do the immigrant MPs in Westminster have such a Saint-like status that they can jump in front of the leader of one of our opposition parties? Before I switched off to get back to work, I did hear another vitally important question from another Labour MP - "Is the Prime Minister going to congratulate Barak Obama on his inauguration?" . . . ye Gods in such desperate times my sympathy goes out to the constituents of this creep who has such a warped sense of priority.

And finally there's an interesting by-election in Bexley a week today, where our candidate is Michael Barnbrook who is standing in East Wickham ward.

Last time this Tory stronghold was contested in a three vacancy election the BNP came third, 700 votes behind the 3 Tory candidates and 200 votes behind the three Labour candidates. But last May in the GLA elections the figures for the ward put the BNP up into 2nd place 20 votes ahead of Labour, but nearly 1000 votes behind the Tories.

So next Thursday, it is very much a battle for second place and news from our campaigners in the ward is that we could just be winning that battle.

One other interesting fact about the election is that the Lib-Dem candidate has taken on the mantle of being the official anti-BNP candidate. According to the chat on the various political forums, she had no campaign workers so invited the UAF gang in to put out her leaflets when they were putting out their own rubbish. It will be interesting to see what sort of vote she gets. In the GLA election the Lib-Dems were 300 votes behind us in the ward. Background to this election on Vote-2007.

Here's our excellent candidate, Michael Barnbrook.

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watling said...

There is something deeply unnerving about Keith "Like a passport, Mr Hinduja?" Vaz. It remains one of life's frustrations that anyone votes for him. A huge dollop of ethnic solidarity could explain it, though.

I shall certainly celebrate the day he is unseated from his Leicester East constituency.

Regarding Barack Obama, professional black Will Smith has apparently received a nod from the chosen one to the effect that, in the event a film is ever made about BHO, His Smithfulness is earmarked for the starring role. The professional black gleefully described BHO as an African American.

Strange. I thought BHO had a white mother and a black/Arab father, thereby rendering him mixed race. He might therefore be better described as an Anglo-African-Arab American. I've said it before many times, but when mixed race people are doing well they're black, and when they do something bad they're mixed race.

Good luck to Michael Barnbrook.