Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Campaign well under way in Workington

THANKS to the sterling work of that leafleting dynamo Stephen (Todd) Stoddart (left) our campaign in Workington has got off to a flying start with 4,000 local Patriot leaflets distributed in Seaton, Northside and the St Michaels Ward part of the town.

Todd has hit the areas that haven't received a BNP leaflet before and as well as the General Election warm-up leaflet, he is also distributing a national recruitment leaflet.

Paul Stafford came with me this morning for our weekly trip to Cockermouth where around 1,000 leaflets were put out. We have finished Christchurch ward in the town and now started on All Saints Ward.

In Maryport, Steve Harris is back from his annual visit down-under and the campaign there gets underway next week, as it does in Flimby where Carl Edgar is our team leader.