Sunday, 11 January 2009

Don't you fret

"Don't you fret" was a B- side on a Kinks 45 from the early 1960's . . it could have been on the back of Tired of Waiting or Set Me Free, or even, maybe, on the Well Respected Man EP.

Anyway, Don't You Fret is my advice to the senders of the dozen or so emails that I have received this very morning concerning an article in the Sunday Telegraph which quotes an opinion poll predicting that UKIP will pick up 7% of the vote and the BNP just 4% in the European Elections.

This is nonsense. We have seen UKIP's votes for the past two years and they are non existent compared to those of the BNP. UKIP are a busted flush and unless they can conjure up another Kilroy Silk moment, they won't get any MEPs and certainly won't poll more votes than the BNP.

Take anything you read in the Telegraph about the Tories and UKIP with a pinch of salt. There's a little coterie of journalists on the payroll of this newspaper who are anti-EU and they believe that by promoting UKIP they can push the Tories into adopting a less pro-Europe stance. And that's what reports like this are all about. Trying to convince the Conservative leadership that UKIP can take away their votes, so they must consider changing their policy on Europe.

In the main, opinion polls tell the person who pays for their research what they want to hear. And I can assure you that is very much the case here.

On another subject, I have received an email from Patrick Edwards, a student currently studying A-level history at college. Apparently one of his text books called 'Britain 1945-2007' by Micheal Lynch, states on page 225: . . . the British National Party, an extremist, racist party that appeals largely to people with personality disorders. Whether it should be described as a left or right-wing movement has excited considerable debate'.

Patrick told me:
"This disgusted me and I sat there in a real rage. I stood up and said that I was am a member of the BNP, that I wasn't racist and that I certainly didn't have a personality disorder. This led to a debate on the BNP with all 20 students attending the lecture contributing and contradicting what was said in the book. I was pleased that I stood up and questioned the validity of the book because it stopped those at the lecture being brainwashed .

Finally a word of warning about an email going around begging for money for Simon Sheppard and Steve Whittle. Sheppard was the creep who back in February of last year used the stolen BNP membership to send out his nazi propaganda which caused a great deal of upset and offence to BNP members and a casued a great deal of trouble to the British National Party at a very difficult time. His ilk are an embarrassment to the nationalist cause and my advice is to just delete the email if you get one.

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