Thursday, 29 January 2009

At last, Britons are stirring!

WHAT a good story to wake up to this morning! British workers at the third largest oil refinery in the country walking out because the management has brought in 90 foreign workers to cut costs.

Over three hundred staff took part in the unofficial action at the Lindsey Refinery, near Immingham, yesterday and one worker told BBC Radio Humberside: "We are angry that workers have been taken on from outside the UK when people here are out of work."

Great stuff. Let's hope the local BNP unit can organise an activity at the gates today giving out our British Jobs for British Workers leaflets.

Fenham Ward by-election today and I am very lucky that I am still able to give you the latest news from Newcastle. That's because Ken Booth, our excellent candidate, wasn't happy with me yesterday because someone told him that I had described him as "a boring old fart" on the BNP website. What I actually said was "a rather dry old stick" which is very different. After checking for himself, Ken agreed to this latest run-down. He told me:

"Everything depends on today. Either Labour, the Lib-Dems or ourselves could win. We will do everything we can to get our vote out. But what is most important is to look at our vote share. We are coming up from just 10%, where the other two parties are working from a base of 35%. That's a huge amount of ground to make up."

Cumbria's elections officer, Clive Jefferson, was at the opening of the postal votes yesterday. Of course he is sworn to secrecy about what took place, but what I did glean from what he was able to tell me was that neither Labour, nor the Lib-Dems had built up an unassailable lead and Clive confirms what Ken told me . . . "Everything depends on today".

If anyone can get to Newcastle today to help, activity will be going on till 10.00pm.

Interesting quote from Gerry Gable in the Bexley Times yesterday:

The newspaper reported: "But anti-BNP campaigners said the result did not reflect a rise in the party's popularity in the area. Searchlight publisher Gerry Gable said: "They have always had a strong base in the Bexley area, so this is no great shock.".

Our antagonist-in-chief acknowledging that we have a strong base of support!!!!

Normally he says we don't have any support and that anyone who has voted BNP "has been duped".

So why the change of tack?

I'll tell you why. Searchlight has just been handed a huge budget by the Labour Party and Trade Unions to try to keep the BNP votes down this year. Gerry knows this is a forlorn hope so in order to keep the funding coming in he will be dismissing every significant BNP vote with the quote: "This result does not reflect a rise in the Party's popularity. They have always had a strong base in the area, so this is no great shock."

I predict that Gerry's next three quotes to the press will be:

"This result does not reflect a rise in the Party's popularity in the area. They have always had a strong base in Newcastle, so this is no great shock."

"This result does not reflect a rise in the Party's popularity in the area. They have always had a strong base in Tameside, so this is no great shock."

"This result does not reflect a rise in the Party's popularity in the area. They have always had a strong base in Croydon, so this is no great shock."

Experience teaches you to always keep your feet on the ground, and that is what everyone must do during these exciting times. I have the greatest antidote when I suspect my expections are running away with me - the Mid Staffs by-election in March 1990.

I was the National Front's campaign manager and spent nearly a month in the constituency, working every day to try to maximise the Nationalist vote.

This was the result:

Mid Staffordshire (Lab gain from Con)
S Heal (Lab) 27,649
C Prior (Con) 18,200
T Jones (Lib-Dem) 6,315
I Wood (SDP) 1,422
R Saunders (Green) 1,215
J Bazeley (Ind) 547
D Sutch (Monster) 336
C Hill (NF) 311

It was a 'throat-slitting' result, just 0.6% of the vote and beaten by the Monster Raving Loony Party. But little did I know at the time that those four, what appeared to be wasted, weeks would provide me with so much stability today.

And that's because it taught me to take nothing for granted and to appreciate each and every day that our Party is making progress. The membership of the BNP is growing every day and our election results are getting better every week. That is a massive feat considering what our enemies have thrown at us.

And finally, we are nearly through the week after ski-ing. Anyone who goes ski-ing will know that it is the hardest holiday to come back from. The first week home is just full of memories of the previous seven days and it's almost like 'doing time' to get through it. Now, if I may, the last photo from the holiday (I promise). "On top of the world, Ma"

My hat is an exclusive Workington Reds bobble hat. Guaranteed to keep you warm in freezing temperatures at Borough Park or on top of an Austrian mountain.


alanorei said...

That is an astonishing statement from Gable. Even more telling that he has a huge budget to shaft the party that doesn't represent anybody, supposedly, according to Jaunty Jonny Gaunt on the Newsnight programme where Kirsty interviewed Nick.

I'd describe Ken as 'a canny lad, like.' He does have a dry northeastern sense of humour, which goes down well.

From what I can gather, the count won't be sabotaged, as has likely happened elsewhere. That should produce an interesting result.

defender said...

Thought you might fancy a look at this

We never had a problem with the BNP when everyone had jobs, but now we've a BNP problem that stubbornly won't go away. Although there may be resentment at Asian professionals buying homes next to the white unemployed, but the reality is that the BNP vote is less a racist vote and more a vote against everything you and I stand for. It's a vote of lost hope. Imagine having this type of politics in west London and then put yourself in Mr Brown's position and ask whether you want to risk the future of this airline business which is far bigger than the Dagenham factory.

bikeman said...

Hi Martin
Just a quick comment to say I had a chuckle (good natured!) at the news that you finished 25 votes below the Monster Raving Clown and how demoralising that must have been after your strenuous campaign!
Nice to see you and us to be in a much more buoyant position now.
Great, informative site which I log on to most days keep it up....

Kind regards
Graham and June Bedford
(on the list!!)
Sowerby Bridge