Saturday, 31 January 2009

One too many glasses of Cava

OH DEAR, I over did it last night celebrating what must rank as one of the best days ever for British Nationalism.

I have forgotten how many issues of NF News, The Flag, and Freedom that I have banner-headlined with "British Jobs for British Workers, so to read the slogan in every single newspaper this morning is very rewarding.

It's only ten o'clock and Tina must have already taken 30 plus calls for new memberships, membership renewals and donations. I have a feeling that British Nationalism is facing its best opportunity to make significant progress.

The Truth Truck was at Sellafield, Whitehaven and Carlisle yesterday before going on to Immingham. I've already received some great photographs from the Carlisle visit and will give them a good spread in Freedom.

This from yesterday's issue of The Times:
“Yesterday was a great day for British Nationalism,” said a spokesman for the far-right BNP.
As workers addressed a crowd of around 600 outside Lindsey one of the workers shouted: “Get the BNP rep up there.”

I'm off for some more aspirins, back tomorrow.

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alanorei said...

The BNP main site quoted an industrial protester as follows, in the latest comments by Nick.

“The use of more than 60 mounted riot police to try to intimidate us was a bad move by the Government,” one group of Total refinery workers told a BNP observer this morning."

They never had any mounted riot police when the Mozzies went on the rampage in the London a couple of weeks back, only a handful on foot.

Oh, silly me! It would have been 'racist' to have actually contained that particular shindig.

I reckon lay off the cava, Martin, if it's the stuff that makes your legs immobile (unless that's a different kind that they have in Samoa).

Because for sure, you'll need all the perambulatory powers you possess at your disposal for covering the BNP input at Sellafield and elsewhere for VoF before this thing gets done.