Sunday, 1 February 2009

Double front page for 'Freedom'

I RECEIVED a superb photo from Mike Turner, our Exeter organiser, yesterday of a papersale in Exeter City centre. Eight local activists standing behind their stall holding up copies of the "British Jobs for British Workers" issue of Freedom and the "Safeguarding British Jobs" issue. In the background is a bustling High Street and most important of all, the activists featured show the true face of our Party - ordinary British people worried about the future of their country.

It is such a good image that it has made me re-think the February issue of Freedom and now I'm going for a double front page newspaper, something I haven't done since my days at the helm of NF News. The front page will remain as it is as present "BRITISH NATIONALISM - the only answer to the global chaos", but the back page will now be an alternative front page featuring that photo and the slogan . . . yes. you have guessed it "British jobs for British workers".

The photo is so good that I'm emailing it to Mike Lester, our man on the ground in the Tameside by-election, to see if he can use it on a last minute leaflet in the crucial contest which takes place on Thursday.

Lots of mentions in the newspapers this morning and a big TV performance coming up at mid-day on the Politics Show in the North of England. Now we have been privy to clips of this programme during the week courtesy of the local evening news bulletins up here and unless there has been some very heavy last minute editing, the programme won't do us any harm at all.

Big meeting at Sellafield tomorrow about coming out in sympathy with British workers at Immingham. I was stopped twice at football yesterday by people who I didn't know but who work at the plant telling me about it. Apparently our representative at Whitehaven has been cleaned out of all his copies of Freedom by workers calling at his home and wanting to distribute them at the meeting. Hopefully some more will be made available in time to meet the requirements.

Two lots of "and finally" today.

At Borough Park yesterday we were 17 minutes from a famous victory, before Wrexham the best side in non-League football, scored three late goals. No shame at all for Workington, we played to our best and the crowd was a very healthy 1,029.

Alan in our comments section, and three other emailers have warned me about drinking Cava, so I better take heed. Can anyone help suggesting another tipple. I like dry white wine, but find Chardonnay too woody. I like Hock, Piesporter and Niersteiner but all the ones I can buy up here are very cheap supermarket brands and taste like anti-freeze. If anyone can suggest a new drink for me, please do.


alanorei said...

It doesn't solve your problem, Martin but I know you can drink a litre of white grape juice in a day without any harmful effects at all.

Look forward to the February issue of VoF.

D.H.Boater said...

Martin,I have a delivery from Laithwaites 4 times a year,a dozen mixed both red and white.Give them a try,and if you like one better than the others, order that.I have been with them for 4 years now,and not a dodgy bottle,some may be better than others,but,all good wine.

Scarborough_Comet said...

On the subject of drinks, I swear by a good Belgian beer. The best ones are almost as strong as wine (the strongest is 12% ABV - it's Bush Amber) and one of the best Belgian beers in the world is Rochefort 10 - a dark, rich Trappist ale, that's 11.3% ABV.

Also, if you can get it, genever (Belgian "gin" - though more akin to whisky) is very good (and very warming) too.