Monday, 2 February 2009

Freedom's front page

A quick glimpse of Freedom's front and back pages. Busy day today, so just the minimum of posts.

Mark Walker did very well on the Politics Show yesterday. He looked very smart and presentable, conducted himself well and what he said made sense. I'm certain he will have appealed to voters more than the two anti-BNP spokesman. Labour MP Phil Wilson, was very poor, you would have thought that someone with his experience of the media would have appeared more competent.

Spoke to Mike Lester briefly last night about the campaign in Tameside for the Hyde Newton by-election on Thursday. He reports that the Labour Party are throwing the kitchen sink at this one with MPs, MEPs and councillors all drafted in to canvass homes over the weekend. Mike desperately needs help over the next three days of campaigning so if you can get to Tameside to lend a hand, please contact your local organiser and they will be able to provide all the details.

Great quote on BBC Radio 4 this morning with one commentator noting that the current round of strikes are nothing like any that have gone before because workers are ignoring their union representatives and taking the action themselves.

So Jo Brand is "surprised and upset" that the Police are investigating her 'joke' about sending "poo" through the post to BNP members. I expect she would have been the first one calling for a prosecution if Bernard Manning had suggested sending poo through the post to members of the Labour Party's Black Sections.

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