Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Quote of the month

I AM delighted to have a bit of space left in the February issue of Freedom so that I can include the following as the newspaper's Quote of the Month:

"In the 1930s, the Jarrow Crusade marched on London to demand work; now in 2009 they will be marching to demand foreigners are sent home. The British National Party is finally in from the cold - inheritor of the great tradition of British industrial militancy."

It comes from Iain MacWhirter writing in the influential Scottish newspaper The Herald and many thoughts and threads aired in its pages find their way across the border to our media. So here's hoping.

The latest BNP leaflet in the Hyde Newton by-election.

Mike Lester is one of our most experienced election campaigners and he is a veteran of many titanic by-elections struggles in recent years such as the Brunshaw ward by-election in Burnley in 2007. But Mike admits to being shell-shocked from the onslaught against the BNP that is taking place in Tameside where he is the campaign manager for BNP candidate Rosalind Gauci.

He reports that there are attacks on the Party from all and every quarter. In the election there are just two sides - the BNP and those against the BNP. Party politics as defined by Labour, the Tories and the Lib-Dems is non existent as canvassers from the three main parties have the same message to anyone who opens the door to them . . "Vote for any party but the BNP".

To the outsider looking in on this by-election it seems impossible for the BNP to overcome such co-ordinated opposition and to achieve what would be an historic victory, and I'm certainly not going to raise hopes here by predicting it will happen. But what I will recall for you is a line from one of my favourite films The Verdict.

Paul Newman is a lawyer taking on influential opponents and his case seems lost. Only the jury can change the almost certain outcome and in his closing speech he says something along the lines of;

"I believe people have a huge capacity to see through things to find the truth and despite however others may try to exert their influence over them, they will do what they think is right."

The jury came good for Paul in the film and I hope that the voters of Hyde Newton will come good for Ros on Thursday.

For the record, some of the rubbish put out by our opponents in Hyde Newton.

I think that this Lab/Con/Lib-Dem pact will be key to playing into our hands in future local council by-elections. All three parties are discredited and voters know that they are all as bad as each other. If they take a joint stance against the BNP it will show that we are very different from them, which can only be of benefit to our electoral aspirations.

So on this theme, you can imagine my delight when I read the BBC's report on a forthcoming local election in Harrogate:

"Labour candidate Andrew Gray, Lib Dem candidate Clare McKenzie and Conservative candidate Sharon Bentley say they are working together to prevent the BNP having a presence on Harrogate Borough Council."

In the same report there's a great quote from our own Chris Beverley who responded:

"The fact that the Lib-Lab-Con cartel parties are working closely together against the British National Party just goes to show that there is no real difference at all between them.
"They are all liberal globalists who believe in destroying our country through mass immigration and giving away every last bit of our hard-earned sovereignty through our continued membership of the European Union."

And finally I'm delighted to report a Tory creep in hot water.

When a constituent wrote to Harwich MP Douglas Carswell asking for his opinion on immigration and the multi-cultural society, he responded, no doubt seeking votes, by spinning the line that he was campaigning to reduce immigration and believed multi-culturalism was a divisive public policy.

Unfortunately for Carswell, the constituent didn't believe him and joined the BNP, and then publicised what he had said in a local BNP leaflet. Now the Tory MP is in trouble with David Cameron because his remarks are not in line with current Tory thinking.

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defender said...


Are you aware of this
THE ONLY official record of who voted in a Westminster by-election that rocked the political world has mysteriously gone missing placing a question mark over the result.

In a surprise result in November last year, Labour won the Glenrothes by-election with a 6737 majority over the SNP.

All the major parties, including Labour on election night itself, had predicted that the nationalists would narrowly win the seat, which borders Prime Minister Gordon’s Brown’s constituency.

The Labour victory sent shockwaves through the SNP and was the catalyst for a revival of Labour’s fortunes nationally.

In December the SNP in Glenrothes applied to the sheriff court to obtain a copy of the marked electoral register—on which officials in polling stations score out voters as they register to vote. It is the official record of who presented themselves to vote.

Candidates and their agents are allowed to see a copy of the register, which records only who voted and not how they voted.

However, after repeated requests for the document last month, Councillor John Beare, the convener of the SNP Central Fife constituency, has been told that it has gone missing.

Mr Beare said he was told renovation work has been carried out at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court and that some documentation had been removed for confidential waste disposal.


and this lot are having a go at it http://www.order-order.com/