Wednesday, 4 February 2009

BNP braves the snow

IT takes more than a bit of snow to deter intrepid BNP councillor Cathy Duffy from going about her council duties.

The representative for East Goscote ward on Charnwood Council was out and about in the bitterly cold weather to deliver leaflets advising her constituents of her forthcoming surgery dates. Husband Maurice, is very much part of her campaign team and he was on hand to help deliver the leaflets and take the photographs.

While doing the rounds, Cathy was stopped by a gentleman (above, right) who had just been made redundant and he had a number of questions about what the BNP 's policies were to get people back into work.

"He went away reasonably happy with what I told him and I said I would get a BNP information pack sent to him. Over the last few months people that you meet are becoming more and more interested in politics. I think that they are beginning to realise that it's time to make their voice heard," she told me.

And talking about the weather, I understand that the BNP campaign teams in the Hyde Newton by-election were the only ones to brave the weather on Sunday and that is something that didn't go unnoticed by the electorate. Time and time again those out and about in the ward remarked on the fortitude of the BNP leafleters and praised their determination to get the BNP message across whatever the weather.

There's a rumour doing the rounds that Labour is in front on the postal vote but not by the margin that they would have hoped for or with the sort of lead on the postal ballots that they have had in previous contests. Whether this is good news for us or not, remains to be seen, but if it is true then of course it gives a boost to the campaigns of ourselves and the Tories who are the only challengers.

Now a photo from York where the BNP's ongoing leaflet campaign in North Yorkshire has already made headlines in York and Harrogate.

Freedom is off to the printers this afternoon, and then it's straight on to the next issue as this month is a short one. Everything is going to be very intense in the run-up to the Euro Elections in June and with an increasing number of local by-elections being fought and activities taking place, there is going to be plenty to report in the pages of the newspaper as the BNP strides on to take centre stage on the British political scene.

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The chickens are coming home to roost for the Multiculturalists, all BNP members and supporters will enjoy this vid,

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