Monday, 6 October 2008

Looking back to 1987 for some answers

THE news is grim and it's going to get worse. For Gordon Brown, the wheel has come off and his Government looks to be in freefall.

For Nationalists, it's a time for vindication as our political predictions of the last thirty years are coming to fruition.

Sometime Freedom contributor Steve Johnson, was our house guest at the weekend and on Sunday morning, as we nursed our hangovers, we took a trip down Memory Lane and looked through some back issues of The Flag a monthly newspaper I published and edited from 1986 up until 1995, when I went to live and work in France.

In almost every issue there was an article that was relevant today. Not just in predicting the catastrophic consequences of immigration but also the decline of manufacturing, the impending reliance on foreign countries for our energy (and that at a time we still had North Sea Oil) and the economic crisis that we face today. "Nationalise the banks!" was the headline of one 1987 article, while "Close down the City casino" was another from the same year.

Listening to Radio 4 this morning and the squealing from the global market apologists after the Irish and German Governments had taken unilateral action to safeguard the savings of their people, confirms that in time of crisis it is the natural reaction to put national interests first. Listening to all the experts, no one seems to know what to do so I feel that in this vacuum of direction I am as well qualified as any to offer some advice.

What I would do is to merge the two nationalised banks of Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley and call it the Bank of Great Britain. The Government would then guarantee all the savings that are placed with the new bank which is owned by the taxpayers.

Written into the constitution of this bank would be that it would never invest money it didn't have and the only investments it would make would be in Britain for the interests of the British people. And the priority of that investment would be British industry,with manufacturing and energy topping the list.

"Racism in the Metropolitan Police" is another good story for us this morning. The only evidence put forward by the Black Police Officers Association to back up their claim is that their two leading ethnic minority officers are both under investigation for wrong-doing". It's a news report that will find little sympathy with the bulk of the population.

The British National Party is making the headlines once again this morning, this time because of the Government reshuffle. Jon Cruddas has been kept out of Government so he can fight the BNP and Phil Woolas has been taken into Government to fight the BNP. Isn't it exciting to be a member of a political party that is so influential in the Government's mindset, even in this time of crisis.

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