Friday, 17 October 2008

Redcar result just in . . .

Good result from Redcar last night.
Redcar & Cleveland
South Bank Ward
Thursday 16th October 2008
Marilyn Bramley (Labour) 652
Toni Meir (Liberal Democrat) 288
Bernard Collinson (British National Party) 206
Oz Sadiq (Independent) 101
Joan Bolton (Conservative) 59
BNP Percentage: 15.8%


Anonymous said...

Why on Earth are people still voting for the Labour Party? Unless the Labour candidate is a local personality, these people must be imbeciles, surely?

alanorei said...

We found on the doorstep that anybody with any appreciation for what is going on around them both locally and nationally was supportive of us.

Not one person among the 100s canvassed could volunteer any cogent reason for voting Labour or Lib Dem.

South Bank is very run down and neglected in parts. Various residents said independently the local council doesn't care about individuals, just their votes and council tax payments.

The 'Hope Not Hate' people put in an appearance with their anti-BNP leaflets, which probably shaved a couple of %age points off the results.

However, with these results, including that of Kirkleatham, we now have over 300 new individuals to reach out to somehow.

We indentified at least 10 local issues in South Bank that we must follow up asap.

The penalty for not doing so is to be perceived as 'just like all the rest.'