Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Clive is making his mark in St John's Ward

I HOPE you all regularly visit Clive Jefferson's excellent blog. He's currently our candidate in a local council by-election in Workington and is creating quite a stir in the town.

I was at football last night to see Workington Reds beat Gateshead 4-2. It was an atrocious night and only 250 hardy souls braved the conditions, yet even so two people, who I only know by sight, remarked to me that they had received a copy of Freedom and seen the BNP team out and about.
Then, when I got home, I checked out a website that carries news of the Reds and there was a rant on there from some Labour Party bod - - who had been canvassed that very day by Clive. These people think they are being so clever by trying to belittle the British National Party when in reality the fact that they have to talk about us, even on a sports website, just underlines how important we are, and all goes to generate even more public interest in the Party.

More news from Cumbria and a story with a 'shock, horror' headline. Of course, the report fails to mention that Carlisle has the highest number of incidents in every category of crime, simply because it's a city whose population dwarfs the rest of Cumbria. But the Cumberland News never lets common sense get in the way of a good headline. It seems that the only purpose of the report was to provide a platform for some derogatory remarks about the BNP. Once again they can't stop talking about us, which is a big improvement on not being talked about.

Spoke with Nick yesterday and he was very excited about how things are going. He was especially pleased with the public's reaction to the bail out of the banks in their contact with the BNP. The previous evening he had spoken specifically on the banking crisis to a packed meeting at St Helens and had received a standing ovation. Any worries that the man in the street would 'switch off' to what is taking place in the financial markets has thankfully been misplaced and most people are very much aware of the consequences of these huge sums of money being taken out of the public purse and handed over to private banks.

And finally The Guardian has had to change its advertising procedures on its website after it was found to be promoting the British National Party -" - what a great story to finish up on.

Some links don't seem to be working, so that's why I have published the full web address.

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Anonymous said...

I can only think of three Cumbrian towns - Carlisle, Workington and Barrow. Carlisle I suspect is the biggest, and thus I would imagine also has the largest ethnic communities. If this indeed is the case then it is hardly surprising that it has the highest number of race related crimes!

It is sad that people feel the need to voice their resentment of the multiracial and multicultural society they feel is being imposed upon them in such a way, but they probably feel impotent and without a voice. This is why the BNP is so important, we offer people the chance to be heard, and make their feelings know in a legitimate and democratic way, thus defusing tensions.