Friday, 5 October 2007

Deathly Silence from Shepshed

A county council seat was fought last night in one of those key marginals that the political pundits are always talking about.

But surprise, surprise it hasn't been mentioned this morning, despite Labour holding on to the seat and the Cameron bounce hardly leaving the ground.

Why is this?

Probably something to do with BNP candidate Julia Green polling 807 votes which was 20% of those cast.

According to a posting on the BNP Forum, BBC Radio Leicester didn't even acknowledge that the British National Party were standing and after the count interviewed the other three candidates but left Julia out.

Lunchtime news on Radio 4 had time to discuss, in depth, all the opinion polls and even promote the disintegrating UKIP, but no time to report the result of an actual by-election where there was a nearly 40% turnout involving over 4,000 voters.

The establishment and its media are so petrified of providing any BNP bounce.

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