Friday, 9 November 2007

The Quiet Revolution continues . . . quietly!

Congratulations to the British National Party's Lynne Smith who yesterday received 208 votes in the Castle Ward by-election in Tamworth in the West Midlands. It was a 13.6% vote share in a seat never fought before by the BNP and double the vote of the Lib-Dem candidate who had stood last time around and finished third.

Labour gained the seat from the Tories after a re-count, overturning a 181 Conservative majority from the last election in May in a parliamentary constituency that is a Lab/Con Midland marginal. The Labour vote was just up 2% but the Tory vote was down 8%, as was that of the Lib-Dems.

The full result from last night was:
Tamworth Council
Castle Ward
Thursday 8th November 2007
Marion Couchman (Lab) 619
Ian Cooper (Con) 613
Lynne Smith (BNP) 208
Jenny Pinkett (Lib-Dem) 95
BNP Percentage: 13.6%
May 2007: Con 917, Lab 736, Lib-Dem 236.

Regular readers of this blog will know I call these sort of election results the Quiet Revolution. The opinion pollsters tell us there is no trace of support for the British National Party in their surveys and the media just never mentions electoral support for the BNP. Yet in council by-elections across the country since May, voters have been regularly turning out to support our Party. One-in-seven of those who actually registers a vote has been putting a cross against a British National Party candidate and that is quite something in this feverish political climate when Labour and the Tories are going at each other hammer and tongs on our TV screens almost every day.

The Quite Revolution is my front page for the December issue of Freedom because I believe it sums up our year. Before the May elections there was a feeling that we might score a spectacular success but that didn't happen. Our results were good but nothing out of the ordinary, more of a holding operation. Since May the BNP has fought 40 by-elections. In 28 contests our candidates have polled over 10% and in 11 contests over 20%. This signifies steady progress being built on firm foundations and bodes well for the future.

Freedom's front page lists these BNP by-election percentages along with photographs of many of our brave candidates. The page is nearly complete with just one space left for a photo of a candidate which I hope will be filled by the smiling face of John Rowe. He was our candidate for Rosegrove with Lowerhouse Ward in Burnley in May who was defeated by the drawing of lots after the votes of the BNP and Labour candidates were allegedly tied. John went to the High Court because two previously rejected spoilt ballot papers were included as Labour votes. A judge ordered a re-count which took place six weeks ago but since then nothing has happened. I have got my fingers crossed that we shall hear something before Freedom goes to the printers on November 22nd and that it will be very good news.

A ton of reaction to my piece on Stephen Lawrence yesterday, proving that the constant publicity for his case compared to the media blackout on the Gavin Hopley case still rankles with many on our wavelength. There was an interesting contribution from Clive Wakely, a dedicated nationalist who has been around as long as I have. Clive wrote:

"Am I the only one to find the Stephen Lawrence development suspect? The MET has never been held in such low-esteem than it currently is. Ian Blair has lost the support of the London Assembly and the Lib-Dems/Tories. Ian Blair is "close to Labour" by all accounts and it is significant that the people looking out for him are Labour Home Secretary Jacque Smith and Labour's London mayor, Ken Livingstone.

Now - like a Godsend - the MET announce a major breakthrough in a major case and may soon be able to crack the Stephen Lawrence murder. Ian Blair really must have a guardian angel - as he was responsible for this brilliant initiative - which means some of the heat on him to resign will now dissipate. He, of course, reflects in the success of his force's "breakthrough" - although he is not responsible for it's failings!

The breakthrough appears to be that fibres have been found on Stephen Lawrence's clothes that match the fibres from an item of clothing worn by one of the accused - both having been in police hands for years (probably stuffed in the same bag).

Now it may well be that the MET have made a breakthrough and the timing is pure co-incidence - however something much more disturbing strikes me as being likely and the two words "fit" and "up" come to mind!

From a media agency report (note the pivotal role of Ian Blair):
"In a fresh review of the 14-year-old murder inquiry, ordered by Met Chief Ian Blair, forensic scientists have re-examined hundreds of pieces of evidence, using new forensic techniques.
The police have declined to publicly reveal what the tests have found but the Daily Mail, which has campaigned for the re-arrest of the five main suspects, claimed earlier this week that the new techniques used had revealed fibres from Lawrence's clothes on those believed to have been worn by some of the suspects."

Continuing my theme of yesterday on Radio 4's Business News, this morning we should be celebrating that the great British company Hornby, which now also now includes Scaletrix and Airfix (all three brilliant makers of toys in their own right when I was a lad), made a profit of £2 million last year. Before you get out the champagne, you better reflect on the fact that all these great 'British' toys are made in China nowadays.

Tomorrow all roads should lead to Gigg Lane for the FA Cup First Qualifying Round Bury vs Workington, but unfortunately for me the car is in the garage after years of neglect so I shan't be there. I comfort myself with the knowledge that I would probably have had to work anyway so shall just be listening to updates from the game on Radio Cumbria.

Last Friday, despite laying Bathwick Breeze the first winner at Uttoxeter, I eventually just won on the day. It would have been more but I laid the last winner as well. Fontwell and Hexham are on At The Races this afternoon but I'm struggling to fit in any form-studying time, so if I do have an interest it won't be until the later races.


rosie said...

The results for Castle ward are very interesting and deserve consideration.
At first glance it would appear that the Lib Dem vote (increasingly soft everywhere) has gone to Labour and we have hurt the tories.
Perhaps the Tory attack on Mr Hastilow has influenced this Tory loss.
I am sure it probably has. May it cost them a lot more, traitors as they are.
I hope others did as i did last night. send e mails to newnight and BBC live five making the point that Nick Griffin should have been on the panel for the 'immigration' debate.
Instead they had the ghastly Farage on the later programme suddenly anti-immigrant.
The media is obviously gearing up to promoting UKIP once again to stop our party.

alanorei said...

An excellent result for Lynne Smith, heartfelt congratulations

Re: Stephen Lawrence, Mel Phillips has an interesting comment on this new 'evidence.'

Re: Chinese manufactured goods. These include the M&S machine-washable suit that I purchased today in order to look more respectable at BNP meetings and elsewhere as necessary.

Hopefully, such items can be a constant reminder to support the Party's efforts to achieve a Government and return manufacturing to these shores.

alanorei said...

Another sinister development related to the re-opening of the Stephen Lawrence case is the repeal of Double Jeopardy.

This step was taken two years ago, amidst a fanfare of non-publicity, I suggest.

Yet it was one of the pillars of English Common Law, along with habeas corpus and trial by jury - and certainly attacks have been made on the latter.

These are extremely serious developments, not least for the relatively muted publicity surrounding them.

Lee Barnes's comments would be most instructive.

Our legal system is clearly being scrapped by stealth, no doubt to make way for the EU's Corpus Juris and, I suggest, Sharia Law in Muslim dominated enclaves.

Chris said...

Re: Gavin Hopley. I googled Gavin Hopley and found two (at least) contrasting reports regarding his death.
The first one comes from the BBC and, for a change, have reported it with an unbiased &comprehensive edge. No mention of the BNP anywhere.

Compare the BBC report with that of the National Union of Journalists: (they appear not to like us much)

In either case though, Gavin & his family didn't get the national 'in your face' TV coverage afforded to the Stephen Lawrence case.

As for Blair and the new evidence, convictions for murder or not, he'll end up with a far better pension than you or I can ever imagine in our wildest dreams!

Excellent result for Lynne Smith. We go from strength to strength.