Monday, 5 November 2007

Tamworth, the Tories and misleading the public

Brave Lynne Smith, Tory Nigel Hastilow and Labour's Keith Little

The British National Party's Lynne Smith, takes on the three main parties in Tamworth in the West Midlands on Thursday in the Castle Ward by-election.

The full details are:
Tamworth Council
Castle Ward
Thursday 8th November 2007
Ian Cooper (Con)
Marion Couchman (Lab)
Jenny Pinkett (Lib-Dem)
Lynne Smith (BNP)

The BNP's Deputy Chairman Simon Darby, has been working in the ward and says it's difficult to assess whether the Party will make an impact. He reports that some areas are very good but in other, more affluent parts, support for the BNP is a little patchy.

The Conservatives won the ward in May, polling 917 votes to Labour's 736 and just 236 votes for the Lib-Dems. Lynne Smith stood for the BNP in May in nearby Stonydelph Ward where she polled 395 votes behind the victorious Tory candidate on 606 and Labour on 570. That was over 25% and an excellent first effort.

So Tory, Nigel Hastilow, has fallen on his sword after being reprimanded by his Party for praising Enoch Powell. The prospective parliamentary candidate for Halesowen and Rowley Regis obviously completely misread David Cameron's signals on immigration last week and was hoodwinked, like the Conservative leader hopes the public will be, into believing that the Tory Party intends to do something about it.

But as I explained in a posting last week, Cameron's pronouncements on immigration were just 'wah-wah' - meaningless nonsense designed to lead voters into believing that something will be done on the issue while in reality he intends to do absolutely nothing. Hastilow was conned by the Tory leader, just like millions of voters were conned by Margaret Thatcher back in 1979 when she claimed she understood the British people's fears about being swamped by immigration.

Anyone who was involved in that election and has monitored the politcal aftermath will know that the Tories will never do anything about immigration. The Conservative Party is the party of big business, and big business needs cheap labour to maximise profits. Margaret Thatcher's Government came to power on an anti-immigration ticket. It had massive parliamentary majorities but never once stemmed the tide of immigrants coming into the country. Thatcher's Tories never had the slightest intention of stopping immigration, they just used the issue to gain power, just as David Cameron, in a much more subtle way, is trying to do today.

Developments in Maryport continue apace (see Now the spotlight has turned on Keith Little the Cumbria County councillor for Maryport West and leader of the local Labour group.
In the West Cumberland Times & Star last week he defended a Labour Party councillor who had been expelled for downloading pornography on council computers saying:
“He had been looking up sites with material you can see on television after 9pm any day of the week.”

Well I don't know what TV channels Councillor Little subscribes to in his home in West Cumbria but according to a host of visitors to the BNP stall in Maryport town centre on Saturday, they must be a little out of the ordinary.

The disgraced councillor Kevin Smith, who was voted back on Maryport council to deny the BNP a seat, was sacked for downloading hard-core porn and nothing like the the sort of material that you can see on TV after nine o'clock. We know this because Smith printed off nearly 100 of the images on the council's most expensive glossy card.

Now Keith Little knew this, yet he told the Times & Star something quite different. That is a deliberate attempt to mislead the public and I hope that the newspaper will follow this story up in the interests of setting the record straight for its readers.

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