Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Humble Pie never tasted so good

Now one former Conservative Party member who is taking great delight in making me eat my words of last week about ex-Tories who join the BNP is hard-working Mark Logan from Havering.

Mark left the Tories after using the Freedom of Information Act to expose Havering Council's disgraceful sell-off of 13 much needed local council houses to a private developer for just £8,000 each. In June of this year he stood for the BNP in the St Andrews Ward by-election and polled 580 votes, coming just three votes behind the second placed Conservative candidate. Now Mark, together with BNP Havering councillor Alan Bailey, has exposed the corrupt council yet again. This time, with the help of the 'Tory Clones' of the Havering Residents' Association, it has allowed vast tracts of the borough's green belt land to be sold off to developers.

Thankfully BNP activists in Havering have drawn attention to the scandal by erecting BNP banners on the 'condemned' land to alert the public. Tory councillors were livid and ordered council workers to remove the signs, only for Mark and his team to be out again putting up new ones. The campaign is attracting a lot of publicity and will help the British National Party in the vital London Assembly elections in May.

Well done Mark - I'm delighted to report your efforts on behalf of the BNP and am happy to admit that Humble Pie has never tasted so good.

Just up the road in Redbridge another London BNP councillor Julian Leppert, has hit the local headlines by using his vote to secure the future of an area of allotments in the borough. A campaign by the local newspaper to play down Julian's involvement in the issue, backfired when local allotment holders wrote in to express their thanks for his support. The whole episode has provided yet even more help to our London Assembly campaign.

And there's also been assistance from The Guardian and London Evening Standard newspapers as well. Both have reported that the ballerina Simone Clarke, who is appearing in a production of the Snow Queen at the London Coliseum this week, has taken a leading role in the Solidarity Trade Union which helps support British National Party members who are being victimised by the TUC. It is very welcome that the profile of the brave Simone is being raised in this manner as I understand she will be playing a key role in supporting BNP London Mayor candidate and leading London Assembly List member Richard Barnbrook, in the coming months.

This week, as reported yesterday, the BNP is also contesting a by-election in Harrow. The London Borough could hardly be considered fertile ground for the British National Party yet any support that our courageous candidate can attract will be very welcome. In May, across the capital, every single BNP vote will be vital as it will add to the total percentage we gain, which will effect our allocation of representatives.

On top of all this welcome publicity, Mark Collett's BNP Publicity Department has produced a brilliant warm-up leaflet which is now being distributed by our activists across the capital. The leaflet is a real vote winner and inspires confidence in our Party which will help lay firm foundations for the all important vote in May.

It was a big day yesterday in the Membership Office with the phone ringing constantly with callers renewing their memberships, new members signing-up or just people offering messages of support. I had hoped to put the finishing touches to the double page spread on the Blackpool Conference in January's issue of Freedom, but was seconded from the relative quiet of my office to help man a telephone. And as if to underline the London theme of this blog, most of the memberships renewals I took yesterday came from our capital city! With just two weeks to Christmas you would have thought that politics would be the last thing on people's minds but it seems that the BNP's battle to save London has struck a chord with the capital's remaining British residents.

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