Sunday, 16 December 2007

Opponents ready to dance on our grave

It's been a difficult week for the British National Party. Internal problems are always the most demoralising because it turns colleague against colleague and divides those who should be working toward our goal of reclaiming our country for the British people.

Such division leads to political inactivity as other agendas take centre stage and our overall goal of saving Britain gets pushed aside in the fevered frenzy to win your own people over to your particular internal viewpoint. There is no better way of summing up this state of affairs than a posting on the BNP members' forum last week:

"We have a very important election on that we should win, but this has killed the campaign. It was the chance to finish Labour off here, but at present we are struggling to put anything like an average campaign in, yet only 2 months ago we mounted a fantastic campaign in South Derbyshire."

In September, London Mayor Ken Livingstone, said that he could only hope for a major reversal in the fortunes of the British National Party in order for the Party not to take at least one or possibly two seats at the London Assembly elections in May. Yesterday's edition of The Independent seems to think that 'Red Ken' might have got his wish.

Under the headline "Internal splits threaten BNP's chances in London Assembly poll," it reported:
"The British National Party is gripped by civil war amid bitter personality clashes and claims of dirty tricks by rival factions.
Nick Griffin, the leader of the far-right party, is facing vehement criticism of his stewardship. The Party has high hopes of winning seats in the GLA elections next year."

Our present difficulties have provided our opponents and their friends in the media with the biggest Christmas present they can ever have hoped for. For the last five years since our election breakthrough in Burnley in 2002, our Party has been under attack. But we have survived because the attacks have come from outside - from those who we know are our enemies - and this has instilled in people a greater capacity to resist and carry on, knowing that if we stay united in the face of this enemy we can still win.

When Ken Livingstone talked about a 'major reversal in the fortunes of the BNP' he wasn't unveiling any new strategy to tackle the progress of the British National Party, it was as if he was hoping that something might just happen . . . and hey presto, within a couple of months of that speech something has just happened which might just provide the London Mayor with what he was hoping for.

In The Independent it is also reported that:
"The exiles have called for a grassroots revolution to take control of the party. They say that, despite record numbers of councillors, BNP morale has hit an all-time low. They are calling on sympathisers to stay in the BNP, but to resign from party positions and not to renew their membership for the moment. Councillors are urged to quit the party whip and describe themselves as "independent Nationalists".

If just a small percentage of BNP members withhold their membership subscriptions, the Party will suffer severe financial problems. We do not have any significant financial backers and rely solely on the money that comes in from memberships and donations. This year we have had our best year ever with record numbers of new members signing up and existing members renewing, yet we still experienced financial difficulties. BNP Treasurer John Walker, has had to perform minor miracles to keep the Party functioning in a professional manner.

I am not directly involved in these current difficulties. My name has not been mentioned in any of the factional bulletins that have been put out and the Freedom newspaper has not come in for any criticism. I worked with two of the three 'exiles' as The Independent calls them and that working relationship was very good. My wife Tina, worked closely with two of them and describes that working relationship as "excellent."

My concern is that their gripes over what are essentially, personality clashes and work performance issues could potentially bring the British National Party to its knees. It could do this because every malcontent within the Party and those agent provocateurs planted within our Party - and there are many, just remember Jason Gwynne, Andy Sykes, and Iain Cobain of recent years and Ray Hill of the 1980's - is using the opportunity to destroy everything we have worked for.

And that is what this posting is all about. Please beware of those shouting the loudest for 'with-holding memberships,' 'resigning and becoming Independent Nationalists', and 'setting up an organisation callled the Real BNP' because they might not be the committed British nationalists they would like you to believe they are. Just remember that anyone who holds the best interests of British Nationalism above all other concerns - personal or political - would never engage in activity which might damage the only vehicle capable of delivering salvation to the British people.


alanorei said...

Thanks Martin

Someone else has already asked the vital question with respect to the recent difficulties:

"Who benefits?"

That is a question that all Party members should seriously reflect upon.

Clive Jefferson said...

Stand firm people !

Trust the Chairman ! ( who you may remember won a 90% majority vote in the leadership election THIS YEAR and got a unanimous and full blooded backing from you all at this years AGM - four weeks ago !!!!!!!!!!! )

Trust the BNP !


I am renewing my gold membership this week - on schedule - I strongly advise all to do the same.

Everyone can operate in calm waters its only when the storms hit characters are tested - IT IS MY BELIEF THAT WE WILL NOT BE FOUND WANTING.

Clive Jefferson- Patriot

redandwhite said...

Well said Clive. I think every party has its ups and downs and conflicts but they should be kept internal. As you said Martin, let's not give those watching the satisfaction of watching us fight each other.