Wednesday, 5 December 2007

What were you thinking while this was going on?

So it's not just Ken Livingstone!

Within minutes of publishing my blog yesterday and accusing Ken Livingstone of being behind moves to limit the funding available to the BNP should it get candidates elected to the London Assembly next May, leading London Tory, Brian Coleman, was writing in the New Statesman saying he agreed with London's Mayor. In fact, Coleman wants to go further and remove the proportional representation part to the election just to make sure that the BNP doesn't get anyone elected.

The electoral system for the Assembly has 14 'first past the post' constituencies and 11 'top up seats' elected under proportional representation and that's the part Coleman wants changed. You can read the story on the BNP website.

Thankfully today, many online newspapers have a facility for posting comments and 'James from London' has got in first on the New Statesman site. He writes:

"I hope the BNP win seats and expose the corrupt, anti-English and anti-democratic traitors that have been gleefully encouraging the demise of London's native white communities and culture for decades.
"Livingstone has embraced advocates of suicide bombings and supported Sinn Fein during the peak of their murderous bombing campaign, as well as refusing to celebrate St Georges Day in a dignified way. Survivors of the blitz must find the state of modern London 'horrifying'. "

And talking about Tory creeps there's another one receiving coverage in today's Daily Express.

Apparently Tory backbencher Mark Pritchard is worried about attempts to downgrade Christmas and other Christian traditions and symbols in public life. He sees Government, town halls, quangos and other “busybodies” as promoting prejudice against Christians by over-emphasising the sensitivities of Muslims and other minority faiths.
But before you start commending Pritchard on his efforts, the reason he's drawing attention to the issue is not because of worries over the religious and cultural 'starvation' of the native people of these islands, but because he had seen increasing evidence that the British National Party are campaigning against anti-Christian prejudice. “If mainstream political parties do not recognise and protect the Christian tradition of this nation then the BNP will,” he says.

I have to admit I detest the Tories more than anything else. When the BNP gets a new recruit from Old Labour, I'm delighted to have them aboard. When they come from the Tories, I tend to think "I wonder what they are after?" I'm afraid I can find little in common with people who belonged to a Party that sold off this country 'family silver' and essential services to private and in many cases foreign concerns. I feel an inclination to ask them . . . "What were you thinking while all this was going on?"

Even the BBC is now acknowledging that the BNP has been right all along on the grooming of young British girls for a life in prostitution. The Corporation can't quite bring itself to admit the Muslim link and tries to confuse the issue by talking about 'people trafficking' and 'organised crime' but reading between the lines they are confirming what the BNP said in our Election Broadcast 'White Roses' back in 2004.

Today is my 15th day of being 'downed' by cold and flu. Every day you hope to feel better but nothing seems to change. With the wind and rain off the Solway lashing my office window at the moment I can understand why many Brits my age are thinking of a retirement in Spain. And it would have to be Spain because France, which would be our favoured destination, just isn't warm enough. We lived and worked just south of Poitiers for four years back in the 1990s. We had a lovely converted farmhouse and for eight months of the year things were blissful. But the winters there were still very cold with snow and frozen pipes. In fact we had to shut off the main downstairs room because it was impossible to keep warm and the five of us crammed into a little 'snug' with a sofa and TV most evenings just longing for the hot March sun to lift the gloom.

We have a visit planned next year to our old stomping ground there and the thought of that trip brightens a dark and dank morning.

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