Friday, 18 January 2008

Suzy, Marlene and Lynne - fine ambassadors for the BNP

THE three ladies featured in Sky One's BNP Wives last night were a credit to the British National Party and the hour long programme certainly helped promote the BNP to a public who are becoming increasingly more interested in finding out more about the Party.
Suzy Cass from Wakefield, Marlene Guest from Rotherham and Lynne Mozar from Camberley, were followed by the programme makers for six months as they campaigned for the Party in their respective areas.
Marlene was featured organising the campaign for a local council by-election in Rotherham and the Sky cameras were outside the Town Hall to catch the BNP team coming out from the count after coming second and slashing the Labour majority by 600 votes.
Lynne was featured campaigning against a mosque in Fareham and then speaking at a local branch meeting. This was good PR for the BNP and the people representing the Party in both activities were a million miles away from the image of the BNP the media likes to portray.
Suzy was a superb ambassador for the Party. There can't have been many viewers who didn't relate to her observations on the changing face of Britain.
Of course no programme produced about the BNP by anyone other than the British National Party itself, will portray it as it really is. The editing the Sky team must have done of the footage from the Red, White and Blue Family Festival must have filled the cutting room floor. Children were hardly shown at all yet they made up over half of those who attended.
My favourite clip was Marlene dealing with that weasel-like interviewer at the end of the programme when he wanted to talk about Nick Griffin and his Race Act prosecutions and her views on the Second World War.
"No let's talk about our Prime Minister who took this country to war in Iraq on a lie which has resulted in the deaths thousands of people," she retorted.

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