Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Carlisle campaign: Just 37 days to go

It will be a sad day for British National Party members and supporters in Cumbria on Thursday when we attend the funeral of our colleague and friend Nigel Williamson.

On the evening before, there's a meeting of Allerdale BNP and although there was discussion that this should be postponed, it was decided that Nigel would have wanted it to go ahead, so it will take place as advertised  and the collection will be for Nigel's widow, Martine.

In one of last week's entries I mentioned the local elections in Carlisle on May 1st, and there's been quite a bit of correspondence regarding how we performed last time and if we can improve on this in five and a half weeks time.

In May 2007 these were the results:

Carlisle City Council
Belah Ward
Wayne Newton (BNP)96
BNP Percentage: 5.1%

Con 818, Lab 482, Ind 399, ED 96.

Botcheby Ward
Karl Chapple (BNP)217
BNP Percentage: 17.6%

Lab 618, Con 400.

Currock Ward
Brian Allan (BNP)309
BNP Percentage: 24.1%

Lab 571, Con 235, Lib-Dem 169.

Harraby Ward
David Fraser (BNP)262
BNP Percentage: 15.2%

Lab 776, Con 456, Lib-Dem 232.

St Adians Ward
Tony Carvell (BNP)200
BNP Percentage: 13.7%

Lab 750, 512.

Upperby Ward
Christine Williamson (BNP)168
BNP Percentage: 11.7%

Lab 677, Lib-Dem 371, Con 215.

As to our candidates and hopes this time around, please keep in check with Clive Jefferson's website at cumbrianpatriotbnp.blogspot I understand we will be contesting more than six wards this time around and that canvass returns in our target wards are already significantly up on last year.

Yesterday we had snow in Cumbria, and it was laying up on Shap as I made my way down the M6 to junction 28 and then on the country route to Southport for a crucial Conference North fixture.

It was an excellent day out as Reds secured a much-needed point against the promotion hopefuls. But as sometimes happens on these occasions there was some welcome political news at the game. I was approached by a West Cumbrian town councillor who told me that he and a number of his friends had "had enough" and are joining the BNP. He wanted details of meetings and how he could help so I briefed him over a cup of soup and a meat and potato pie at half time.

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