Friday, 28 March 2008

'Fine' Funeral & Quiet Revolution

IT WAS a 'fine' send off for Nigel Williamson yesterday - if a funeral can ever be 'fine' and I'm certain the gentleman himself would have been very pleased with it if he was looking down on Distington yesterday.

Two motor cycles with Union Jack flags led the cortege to the Crematorium where the service was arranged and conducted by Clive Jefferson, the Press Officer for Cumbria BNP. There were moving tributes from Clive himself, Tony Carvell from Carlisle BNP and Nick Griffin, the chairman of the British National Party.

The weather was spring-like and the hall full, and despite the sombre nature of the occasion, there was an underlying feeling of pride that Nigel's contribution to the BNP in his short time as a member and activist had touched so many people.

Martine, Nigel's widow, showed all her husband's courage and strength in battling through such a difficult day and was clearly moved by the show of support and depth of feeling of those who had travelled from a far to pay their respects.

Full marks to Clive for organising the event so well and to Debbie Stafford, now the BNP's one remaining councillor in Cumbria, for a superb buffet.

There was another excellent election result last night in Wellingborough.

Wellingborough Council
Redwell West Ward
Thursday 27th March 2008
Andrew Bigley (Con) 665
DavidRobinson (BNP) 177
Elaine Baggott (Lab) 169
Jane Brown (Lib-Dem) 40
Tony Ellwood (UKIP) 39
Jonathan Hornett (Green) 37
BNP Percentage 15.7%

There was an inkling that we might do well in a report from Rob Walker, the BNP contact for the town, which I posted on the main website on Tuesday, but I think to come second even surprised our activists on the ground.

This morning I got an update from Wayne McDermott who spent the day in Wellingborough yesterday.

"I am certain that you will have already heard that we got beaten last night with the people of Wellingborough roundly rejecting the BNP !!!!

"We came second and these are the sort of results that I like - a good vote, coming from nowhere in a Conservative heartland in middle England, and polling a more than respectable 16% of the vote.

"We ran a fair campaign with three local leaflets delivered and a full sweep of canvassing. But today we expect nothing less when contesting by election in most parts of the East Midlands - such are the huge strides the Party has made over the last 12 months. I am sure Rob Walker will provide you with a full report but a couple of highlights for me were:

"Outside the polling station where I was telling yesterday an elderly gentleman told me he was voting for the first time in his life because at last he had someone to vote for!

"Another massacre of the media and BNP opposition-puffed UKIP. I'm delighted when I see their name on the ballot paper now, because I know it will mean a great boost for our members and another spate of recruits to us from UKIP.

"There were two smear leaflets put out with endorsements from Labour, the Greens and the Lib Dems. Now didn't that backfire on them as we beat all three!

"There were even some black and ethnic minority voters suggesting they where supporting us, saying they were scared that Britain was on the road to becoming a Muslim country.

"I was delighted by the number of non-voters from other wards in Wellingborough passing by and who asked me about BNP meetings, joining the Party and if they would be able to vote next time. I gave them the information they required as well as copy of Voice of Freedom."

It was nice to meet Hugglescote BNP councillor Graham Partner and Ivan Hammonds, our unlucky candidate in Ibstock in February (beaten by just 64 votes), yesterday who had travelled up from Leicestershire for Nigel's funeral. Earlier in the day John Ryde had sent me a copy of a 'humdinger' of a letter Graham had had published in the Coalville Times yesterday and I have included this below.


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