Friday, 21 March 2008

Now is that bad advice or what?

THE EUPHORIA over last night's brilliant election result in Havering is tempered somewhat this morning by news that the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Chronicle is launching a campaign to lobby members of the Jewish community to vote for any political party other than the British National Party.

This is disappointing news considering that in recent years there has been a growing dialogue between senior members of the Jewish Community and the BNP and that today there are an increasing number of Jews joining and campaigning for the BNP and feeling very comfortable with their political choice.

The JC in its editorial seems rather fuzzy in its thinking behind backing the anti-BNP campaign.

"The British National Party likes to tell us, it is unfairly maligned by its many political opponents. Why, far from espousing antisemitism, it merely seeks to restore British values that true patriots — among them loyal Jews — would naturally share. We are not so sure. The party has been working hard to remake its image, contesting council-ward, parish-council and local byelections using blonde local school activists or well-spoken middle-class family men, and is simply waiting for its electoral breakthrough. That cannot be allowed to happen, and every JC reader needs to understand the significance of their casting their vote on May 1 — for any party other than the BNP."

The British National Party is the only one of the four main parties to be campaigning against the growing influence of Islam in this country. The Old Gang parties seem prepared to just lie down and be walked over by advocates of this aggressive religion which has as its central plank the demise of all other religions.

Now amongst the non-believers of Islam, according to the Muslim preachers that teach in this country's mosques, there are none more hated and vilified than followers of the Jewish religion. In fact, what some of these clerics say should be done to the Jewish people (according to a recent Channel 4 documentary), I wouldn't want to publicise on this website.

Yet dispite this, the JC and Board of Deputies are asking Jews to vote for the very political parties that will allow the further growth of Islam and not for the only political party that will stem its growth in Britain.

Now is that bad advice or what.

But for supporters of the British National Party there is still a bit of a morale boost hidden away in the reporting of this rather depressing turn of events.

One Ruth Smeeth, apparently the campaign co-ordinator, has made a pretty good analysis of the BNP's chances in London. She reports:

“The BNP has grown in strength in the last 10 years. They have candidates standing for the GLA for the first time and councillors for re-election. They could take as many as three seats in London.

“Last year, the BNP stood in a by-election in Stanmore and got five per cent of the vote. The London election is scary because, if the voting levels remain the same, they will need only an extra 5,000 votes to win a seat.”

“The last elections clashed with European elections, but not this time. Then, the UK Independence Party got 11 per cent, but now it has collapsed and the BNP could capture that vote."

No football and no horseracing today, so it looks like another day in the office working on the all important April issue of Freedom. I will be having a glass of wine or two tonight, remembering our lost colleague Nigel and toasting Mark Logan's superb victory in Gooshays ward.

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Jack said...

Jewish readers would do better to read this article...

It is by by Robert Locke, a Jewish journalist from New York. In it there are several quotes from Nick Griffin with whom he did an interview in 2005.

Here's the opening paragraph...
"The depth of the crisis facing Israel and other Western nations from Moslem terrorism, and more profoundly from Moslem immigration, is such that some unconventional political allies deserve a glance they would not otherwise merit. The small hard-right nationalist parties of Europe are among them, if only because they are sometimes the only political forces that are serious about this crisis in nations where the mainstream left is deluded and the mainstream right feckless."