Sunday, 9 March 2008

Quiet revolutionaries spotted in Rugby

So Kirsty Wark from the BBC's Newsnight team hasn't seen any growing support for the British National Party - or so she said when interviewing BNP chairman Nick Griffin. Well Kirsty, that's because it's our Quiet Revolution, and it is only showing itself where it matters - in local elections up and down the country. The key point that the BBC seems oblivious to is that in today's political climate voters won't tell opinion pollsters over the telephone or in the street that they are going to vote BNP, they just put their crosses where it matters in the privacy of the polling booth.

The front page of the December issue of Freedom last year detailed our progress in local election since May of that year and in the first two months of this year that progress has continued apace.

On Thursday, the BNP's Quiet Revolution moved to Rugby in Warwickshire when BNP candidate George Jones pushed the media-puffed Liberal Democrat candidate into fourth place taking nearly 15% of the vote in the BNP's first effort in the ward.

6th March 2008
Douglas HODKINSON (Labour) 724
Jane WATSON (Con) 723
George JONES (BNP) 313
Diane PASK (Lib-Dem) 235
Philip GODDEN (Green) 148
BNP Percentage: 14.6%

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