Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Researcher into voting fraud needed

I'm just off on a seven hour round trip for the BNP Advisory Council meeting, I expect the meeting will last as long as the journey itself, so it will be a tiring day and I won't feel like blogging when I get home.

Also Emily is back from university this afternoon for the Easter holidays so I expect the relative calm of the last few months will be broken.

Freedom photographer and contributor Bob Gertner has sent in some images of the forms being circulated around London in an effort to get the various immigrant communities to signed up to vote in the last ditch attempt to nullify the effect of the swing to the BNP by traditional Londoners. Bob tells me these three forms are for immigrants from Turkey and Southern Asia - I'll take his word for it.

With our elections open to all and sundry to take part, is it any wonder that there is so much election fraud? The latest example is covered in today's newspapers and comes from Slough. The media is writing it up as a crooked Tory but, in fact, the chap concerned being a Conservative is quite irrelevant. As with almost every case of election fraud in this country, it is someone from an immigrant community that is involved and the purpose of the fraud is to secure representation for their immigrant community and not about gaining increased influence for any of the 'Old Gang' parties.

What would be useful would be a researcher with time on their hands to look back, to say the 1979 General Election, and examine electoral fraud for the next near-30 years and come-up with the ethnic breakdown of those involved. I expect the results will be quite damning.

And to finish on a positive note, Jonathan Freedland writing in today's Guardian says:
"Those on the ground predict that, thanks to support in Barking and Dagenham, the British National Party could well win a London assembly seat."

Now I don't often agree with what is written in The Guardian, but in this instance I believe that Jonathan could be right.

Back tomorrow - M6 permitting.

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