Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Making progress in Middlesbrough

Here's a photo of our two brave lads contesting elections in Middlesbrough on Thursday. It's a feat in itself to be standing candidates here and whatever the votes polled by Kevin and Barry, they are laying the foundations on which the BNP can build in the run-up to the all important European Elections in 2009. Full story of these two elections on the main website.

BBC is running the story of missing young girls in Bradford - 33 in the last year alone. The report is very vague and the word immigrant is never mentioned. In Luton apparently, the mystery deepens with up to 400 young girls going missing from school at around the age of 13. There should, of course, be a huge outcry over this affair with the full story laid bare for the public to be able to take on board what is really happening here. The reality is that it is child abduction and child abuse on a massive scale but our weak-kneed politicians have to treat it with kid gloves for fear of upsetting Britain's ethnic minorities and losing their massive block vote at election time.

John Ryde from the East Midlands emailed me late last night to confirm what I said yesterday that the BNP in the region is growing apace. John wrote:

"Just back from a visit to Corby after speaking to some hardy souls who braved the weather to attend. It's the second meeting of this new group and there looks to be something we really can build on.

"The East Midlands is really buzzing now. Vibrant, energetic, enthusiastic, it has never been stronger or more committed.

"Geoff Dickens, our new Regional Organiser, has galvanised the whole area in just two months and to be honest those who sought to disrupt have done the party a favour. We lesser mortals are working twice, thrice and even harder to get things moving and it is happening.

"Our old Risograph recovered, covered with dust, from Brinsley has now been repositioned in Lincolnshire and combined with the Leicester print facilty, a massive East Midlands leafleting and recruiting campaign is being planned."

It's Cheltenham today which provides the greatest horseracing of the whole year, but it's too much work for me to try to back winners or lay losers there so I'm playing today at Southwell where it will be a tad easier to find a horse to finish in or out of the first three.

Big game for Workington Reds supporters at Borough Park tonight. We are desperate for even just a point to try to stem the slide towards the relegation zone.

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