Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Well I'm gobsmacked.

A BBC interview with the BNP's Richard Barnbrook that is straightforward and unbiased. I can't believe it. Read it here before some NUJ toadie removes it or doctors it.

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alanorei said...

Gobsmacked indeed, or as they say up here in Yorkshire, "Ye wot!?"

Excellent interview, thanks, Martin. Richard's last comment is especially significant and absolutely true.

There is no 'far right' of any political significance in Britain. The country's political landscape is now the BNP vs. the 'far out' extremist old gangers. Richard has portrayed this situation extremely well - a splendid piece of political sculpting on his part.

Also the disarming picture of Simone Clarke does a lot to dispel the uncouth image of the Party so carefully cultivated by the media over the years.

Well done to BBC Reporter Emma Griffiths, to be fair, for such an objective report.

I hope she keeps her job.

But you never know. Ms Emma might have set a trend, whereby it becomes 'cool' among media pundits to be pro-BNP.

The possibility is there, I think.

The article copies OK into a WORD 2000 document btw, pic's and all.