Saturday, 26 April 2008

While they watch, we will be working . . .

Here's some good publicity that was in the Solihull Observer this week.

I'm grateful to Bob Jones for sending it to me. Bob and I go back a long way. I stayed with him when I was a European Election candidate for Birmingham East in 1989 and then later when we fought the Mid-Staffs parliamentary by-election. These were desperate days for British Nationalism and I remember that we were quite satisfied with our 1,471 votes (0.8%) Euro vote back then. How times change.

Well it's our opponents' big day today and there will be fleets of coaches leaving hundreds of important wards ferrying the anti-BNP brigade to London to hear Labourshambles perform without Pete Doherty. While they are standing around, listening to music and winding themselves up over the possibility of the BNP winning a seat in the London Assembly, our activists across the country will be out knocking on doors and meeting the British people face-to-face to ask them for their support.

I'm off for a day's canvassing in Carlisle. Our local press officer Clive Jefferson is very upbeat about our chances in a couple of wards and there have been teams of canvassers out all week.

Below is a story that I have pinched from the BNP Forum. A full page BNP advert in a local newspaper. Gerry Gable must be tearing what hair he has left out.

"We managed to place an advert in this week's edition one of our local newspapers, the St Helens Reporter. Here's a picture of the advert, if I've done it correctly.

"The Editor demanded some bizarre alterations - one to do with the election imprint at the bottom of the advert (which was perfectly legal), one to do with the phone number (wouldn't let us use a mobile number) and another to do with the picture. I had laid it out with a picture of Nick Cass and his family originally, but the Editor claimed that it was policy 'not to allow pictures of children in political adverts'. I was informed of this by telephone at 4:45pm on Tuesday and given 15 minutes to find an alternative picture, despite the Editor having had over 24 hours to look it over. Fortunately I was on the 'net at the time and managed to scavenge a picture of Richard Barnbrook from off our website.

The paper has a circulation of around 79,000. Thanks to Charles Mather and everyone who donated specifically for this to make it possible. Oh and Richard Barnbrook for being the 'stand in'.

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Peter said...

This is absolutely fantastic. Its absolutely cobblers the fact they could not use the Cass familly picture as its all over the London Billboards now. Keep up the good Martin.