Thursday, 22 May 2008

. . . and the media coverage continues unabated.

THERE is uproar here in Cumbria this morning after ITV's Border Television last night carried a blatantly anti-BNP report on 'alleged racism' and included footage of Brian Allan the BNP's lead candidate in the forthcoming Upperby ward by-election for Carlisle City Council.

It's not the first time Border News have done this in the run-up to an election - two years ago they promoted the 'Maryport against Racism' Labour Party scam, pretending it was just a couple of schoolboys behind it and not the local Labour MP.

I didn't see the offending report, but it was bad enough to set Cumbrian BNP Press Officer Clive Jefferson off on one of his 'crusades for more balanced reporting'. Clive's like a terrier with a bone and he won't let go, so the story could be set to run for a bit which won't harm our prospects in the two by-elections we are contesting locally. You can read the full story on Clive's blog here

The media coverage from our hugely successful local election campaign on May 1st continues unabated with our two candidates in Rotherham this week grabbing the lion's share of the publicity.

Today in the Sheffield Telegraph, Archdeacon Richard Blackburn says community relations and social cohesion could be at risk after the success of the British National Party in the local elections which saw John Gamble winning in Brinsworth beating the town's Labour Mayor Allan Jackson and in Maltby, shopkeeper Will Blair beating sitting Labour member Glyn Robinson.

The Sheffield Telegraph reports:

"Speaking at Rotherham's annual civic service, Archdeacon Blackburn said people probably voted the way they did because they felt they were not being listened to elsewhere.
He said: "The BNP often finds support in the context of significant problems, where people feel that no one is listening to them.
"Some of the results have provided a sobering wake-up call for all of us who care about democracy and the way in which our councillors are elected.
"The arrival of the British National Party on our scene and into our council chamber is a concern."
Archdeacon Blackburn said it was necessary to make it absolutely clear that the far-right party did not advocate Christian policies, whatever their literature might say.
"The BNP has traditionally presented its election message as 'Christian' and some of its election literature claims they promote 'traditional Christian values'.
"However, its policies and practices, which promote racism and racial intolerance, are incompatible with the church's social witness, biblical teaching and our understanding of the love of God for all people," he added.
The Archdeacon went on to say that good community relations and social cohesion relied on people exhibiting understanding and tolerance.
"I wish to publicly affirm our care, as the Church of England, for our Muslim sisters and brothers."

The Archdeacon talks about 'tolerance' and 'Muslim brothers and sisters' in the same breath which only goes to show just how ignorant of Islam he must be. He has obviously not read the Koran or has been briefed on the stonings that that take place on a daily basis in Muslim countries.

Also in Rotherham, the New Musical Express revealed yesterday that Babyshambles and The Reverend are to take on the BNP in the town. The music newspaper reports:

"Reverend And The Makers' Jon McClure and Babyshambles' Drew McConnell are currently organising a Love Music Hate Racism festival for the north of England.
The show is likely to be near the city of Rotherham, where the British National Party recently won two seats in the local government elections.
McClure and McConnell are looking to follow up the bash in Victoria Park in London that they recently contributed to.
McClure said: "I hope to help Love Music Hate Racism and Drew McConnell organise a Northern carnival this summer. I hope you'll give us your support."
Writing about the London event, he wrote: "At last month's Love Music Hate Racism carnival I saw people of all races and denominations together in the afternoon sun listening to free music.
"My worry is that the battle for the people's hearts and minds is being lost to a reactionary right wing press and an altered BNP, who cloth themselves in the suits of politicians.
"I hope also that as young people, we will stand against their bullshit together and stick the BNP in the history books where they belong."

Of course it's the likes of McClure and McConnell that are full of "bullshit", trying the revive flagging music careers by exploiting the publicity available from attacking the BNP. And with regard to the 'history books' - I would like to get a wager placed on who will be appearing in them first.


Anonymous said...

[sarcasm on] I'll try and hold my excitement in. Big name stars coming to my neck of the woods. [sarcasm off]

I'm sure that the "artists" will need some refreshments...Better notify the local drug dealers to get more stock in. ;)

bert said...

The archdeacon should remember "thou shall not bare false witness" no way has he read BNP policies, and he has given nothing as proof against the BNP.
ITV should be reported to OFCOM, broadcasting false information without proof and without right to reply.

alanorei said...

Interesting that none of these clerics can produce 'chapter and verse' on anything.

If these C of E individuals actually read some scripture, they would find the 1611 English Bible the most 'divisive' source document of all.

Genesis 1:4b:

"God DIVIDED the light from the darkness"

You can always discern the forces and work of Antichrist. It's the crowd that is always trying to undo natural, God-given divisions, e.g. between man and woman (gay rights), race and race (multiculti-ism), religion and religion (ecumenical, multifaith 'dialogue'), nation and nation (EU, NWO), grown-ups and children (sex education), humans and animals (evolution - Hitler* and Stalin were confirmed evolutionists) etc.

*Used evolution to justify elimination of a 'sub species.' Now the dogma of 'equality' is used for much the same purpose by today's Marxist neo-Fascists. The BNP are a 'sub species.' They believe in differences

Simple, really