Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Labour's desperate brainwashing of our primary school children

THERE was another desperate attack on the British National Party over the Bank Holiday, this time from one of Gordon Brown's dwindling band of buddies, Schools Secretary Ed Balls.

He was announcing the funding of a permanent exhibition at the Holocaust Centre near Laxton in Nottinghamshire for primary school children who will be able to talk to survivors of the concentration camps. Whilst touring the centre, visiting the nine rooms where the exhibition will go on display, he said:

"I think it is a really brilliant centre and I am really looking forward to coming back and seeing the exhibition open. This is really relevant to our society today - whether we have the British National Party and racism in our society or whether we have genocide in parts of Africa."

It should be very worrying that someone like Mr Balls, the Minister who has responsibility for our Children, Schools and Families, is unable to differentiate between a nationalist political party that stands for election on a platform based on the increased self-sufficiency of our nation and the ethnic conflicts in Africa which result in the slaughter of hundred of people on a daily basis.

But don't worry it's just part of a deliberate New Labour strategy. The reality is that Balls & Co don't give a damn about the genocide in Africa, that's just a side show to try to make the issue relevant today. The only purpose of this Holocaust Centre is to brainwash children of primary school age into associating the word 'holocaust' and all the shocking images from the Second World War with the British National Party, in a pathetic effort to stem our growth.

Richard Barnbrook is certainly blazing a trail for the BNP in the GLA which is exactly what the Party needs. The media might be trying to keep quiet about our London Assembly success, but Richard and his team have the nack of making the headlines. And this is important because it opens another 'front' for the BNP and will distract our opponents from our all-important business of winning more elections to gain further representation on our country's local councils.

The campaigns for our two local elections in Carlisle and Cockermouth next month appear to be going well and all the latest news can be found on Clive Jefferson's very informative blog here.

Well, what a disappointment the Eurovision Song Contest was this year. My bet before the first song had been sung was Sweden, which although it was one of the favourites, finished near enough last. There wasn't really a memorable song and my other fancy as the evening unfolded, the offering from Bosnia, was branded one of the worst songs by Terry Wogan. I thought that unfair, and although I admit that the 'washing line' and backing singers were bizarre to say the least, the song was really quite catchy and might prompt me to buy the Eurovision 2008 CD . . . . I know, before you say it, that's pretty sad.

I won a few bob on Betfair with my fancies for play-offs all winning. The reality of Hull City's victory is that it will be a miracle if they are not straight back down next season. Doncaster, if they stick to playing the sort of football they have shown over the past season might just survive in the Championship, while Stockport should be comfortable in Division One. One of the heroes for Stockport was a player who had been at the club since he was the age of eleven. Now that is what football should be all about - youth development and club loyalty, not expensive foreign players and managers who just travel around looking for the highest wage packet.

We have been so lucky with the weather here in the far North West this Bank Holiday. Three lovely days of sun although there has been a bit of a wind. Reading Simon Darby's blog, the rest of the country has received quite a lot of rain and Chepstow races were abandoned yesterday because all the rain made the bends unsafe.

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