Tuesday, 17 June 2008

June issue of Freedom out this weekend

Better late than never, so the saying goes, and the June issue of Freedom will finally be out this weekend.

Why it is late, can best be summed up with something that was discussed at an excellent management training session in Chester last Thursday.

"If you don't control your work environment then you can't work efficiently."

Well, I haven't controlled my work environment since I moved from my office in mid-April, and that I haven't been able to work efficiently is very evident in the tardiness of this issue of Freedom. Still, this state of affairs changes today, so I'm hopeful that a brand spanking new office will provide the ideal work environment.

Apologies for my non-blogging, but I have been busy decorating - up at six and finishing 12 hours later. It's mind-numbingly boring but with the help of Classic FM and Radio 4's news bulletins, the job was done in four days.

Great result for us in Carlisle on Thursday. The full details can be found on Clive Jefferson's excellent blog here

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