Friday, 20 June 2008

Rant at the radio morning

WHEN does 'NO' actually mean 'NO'? That was a question posed by one Irish political commentator this morning when interviewed by John Humphrys over Ireland's brave rejection of the new EU treaty.

Obviously the usually sensible Humphrys had his questions written for him this morning, because he asked "Are the Irish people now regretting voting 'NO'.

I'm afraid I then indulged in one of my rants at the radio, shouting something along the lines of "if other countries had a referendum they would all vote 'NO' as well". I think this is quite a safe assumption as Ireland was always one of the most pro-EU member countries and if they have had enough of the EU dictatorship and EU corruption, then you can bet all those who were less enthusiastic, feel the same.

In fact, it was a 'rant at the radio' morning with one expert on gun and gang crime claiming the Government figures were woefully unrepresentative of the true level of the problem in London, Birmingham and Manchester. He said he didn't know why this was the case. Well I told him, and anyone else that was listening while I pounded out my early morning five miles on my exercise bike. "Gun and gang crime in inner city areas is in reality Black crime and the authorities must pretend this isn't happening, so that's why any Government statistics on this are inadequate."

The other day in the London Assembly Boris Johnson reprimanded Richard Barnbrook for drawing attention to the extent of gun and gang crime in the capital and suggesting that black youngsters were involved. Johnson cited the "Black mothers against gun crime" lobby to show how the ethnic minorities were dealing with this dilemma. Can you imagine an organisation called "White mothers against gun crime" being lorded in a similar way by the London Mayor?

Good letter in the Halesowen News this morning which read:

"The main victim's of Labour's abandonment of any secure border control's have been the unskilled and least educated British people.
These people have in the past relied upon unskilled work to provide income but since the admission of more states to the EEC, the resultant flood of foreign workers has all but swamped the U.K.
There is not an area in the employment sector that has escaped unscathed and the long term British unemployed are being denied their last real chance of gainful employment.
It is a tragedy of major proportions for Britain's lowest paid working folk and one that will come back to haunt the Labour party.
In its haste to create a new multicultural Britain, Labour has jettisoned any care or responsibility for the very people which Labour was funded to protect.
Thankfully there is a new kid on the block' the British National Party.
Who I'm sure will do their best to protect the rights of the native working folk of this small island of ours!!
G E Trumper, Sunbury Road".

The BNP being "the new kids on the block" is a phrase that was first used by our excellent press officer Simon Darby three or four years ago. I remember he was being interviewed by Channel 4 at the time of the May local elections and there was a near riot going on behind him as Labour supporters were trying to drown him out, when he said, "The BNP are the new kids on the block, and the Labour Party doesn't like it."

The promotion by BBC News of the ethnic minorities at every opportunity is now reaching a level where it has become a joke. Anyone watching its reports would think that Black and Asian people make up the majority in this country and that most schools in Britain hardly have any White children left in them. But that's what the mind-benders at the Beeb want people to think - that the colonisation of this country by people from the Third World has gone so far that nothing can be done to reverse the trend.

Thankfully, there is a growing number of people in this country who know that this isn't the case.

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