Friday, 11 July 2008

Hit them in their pocket

I shall gloss over last night's election results, well the two I know about, because they are disappointing to say the least.

I had been hoping for some improvement in Wigan West but our vote dropped back from 14% to 10% with UKIP seeming to pick up our lost vote. The Conservatives put up a really good campaign here and made significant inroads into Labour's majority but Gordon Brown's gang still comfortably held the seat.

In Redbridge our vote hardly registered which shows that the few remaining White people living in Cranbrook ward are quite happy with their lot or if not have lost the will to do anything about it. If you have a strong stomach you can find the results here

I don't know the result from Dalton ward in Kirklees, and for a number of reasons I'm not too hopeful that it will alter the overall summary of last night's efforts as 'disappointing'. Check the website I've linked to above and you will get the result later on this morning.

"Voters turn out in force to reject BNP" was the headline in the Wiltshire Gazette & Herald to a report by Rachel Allen which started:
"Corsham voters turned out in force to keep British National Party candidate Michael Howson out of the town council."

It was a shocking piece of journalism and that it was allowed to get past the editor shows that he or she is at best incompetent and at worst so anti-BNP that they are happy to sanction this rubbish.

Rather than rejecting the BNP, our vote was up 2% on 12 months ago. In fact it was Labour and the Green Party that saw their votes drop.

The report claims that it was a huge turnout when actually the 43% turnout was 5% less than in 2007.

In her desperation to do down the BNP, Rachel Allen in fact does an injustice to winning candidate Isabel Langford implying that she only won because people turned out to vote against the BNP.

Sadly these doctored stories are quite common and the only way to fight back against them is to stop buying that newspaper and write to the owners of the newspaper and tell them exactly why you are taking this stand citing the offending article.
Hitting them in their pocket is the only way to get their attention.


The Green Arrow said...

I don't think we should be too depressed by these results.

We have a lot further to go and a lot more to learn along the way.

redandwhite said...

Although the results were disappointing, your blog actually is very positive. Most politicians gloss over or just plain lie about their feelings towards election results. By being honest about the disappointment here, you let us know that you are also sincere when you tell us the good news. And of course, there has been a lot of good news for the BNP this year.

kevc38 said...

Why be disappointed Martin,6 years ago 0.1% of the vote would have been a success,people are flocking to us in numbers as we are the only true voice Britain has