Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Laughable pomposity and Zimbabwe Jackie

THE Liverpool Echo last week reassured its readers, "Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of a democratic society", but then in the very same sentence qualified the statement "but when does one person’s right to express their views infringe another person’s liberty?"

It was preparing its readers for a change in editorial policy which could be found at the bottom of the report. "We are currently reviewing our policies with regard to the BNP".

What made me laugh was the pompous headline of the article: "The ECHO will stand up for freedom of speech", when what it was actually saying was exactly the opposite and its editorial policy was now being dictated by opponents of the British National Party.

Make your own mind up and read it here

More fall out from the attempts by Sheffield Labour Party to stop the BNP from holding a meeting in the city by threatening venues with the loss of their licence if they hosted the event. Along with Sheffield MP David Blunkett, one of the main instigators in this Mugabe-style intimidation was none other than Labour councillor 'Zimbabwe' Jackie Drayton, and now she has been whining to her local newspaper that she has been bombarded with emails from the public, angry at her attempts to stifle freedom of speech.

More laughable pomposity here, as Zimbabwe Jackie assures the Sheffield Star: "I believe in democracy and free speech", but apparently that belief in free speech doesn't stretch to any organisations that she doesn't agree with.

And there was an even more bizarre quote from Sheffield Council leader Paul Scriven, who said that differences of opinion were vital in a democracy so people had choices, and that . . "those who threaten or intimidate people undermine the very democracy they say they support."
Now could he just have been talking about the bully-boy antics of Blunkett and Drayton!

Weather forecast says it's meant to be sunny and 82 degrees today. Well I can report this morning from West Cumbria that it's cloudy, raining and nearer 60.

Over the past few weeks quite a number of you have mentioned the Small Faces ad on this website. Here is one of my all time favourites, its a shame that there is no live performance of them actually singing the song.
Channel 4 did a great programme on them about ten years ago in their My Generation series. I have an excellent book on them as well, Small Faces - The Forgotten Story by Paolo Hewitt. It's a very sad tale but well worth reading.

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