Friday, 18 July 2008

Long haul to the West Mids

I DON'T like driving, I suppose in part, because my old Rover is on its last legs and there's always an element of doubt about whether any trip will be successfully negotiated. But I find driving on motorways mind-numbingly boring and I always feel I could be doing something much more productive with my time.

So the thought of an 8 hour round trip to Coventry on Sunday for a five to six hour meeting, does exactly fill me with excitement. Please don't get me wrong, the meeting is important and I find it stimulating to be involved in the Party's decision-making, but it's that journey that depresses me and with the rising price of petrol, the whole day will cost over £50 which is an amount that anyone on BNP wages can ill-afford.

Interesting email from a colleague in Whitehaven on developments in Germany with regarding the building of a mosque in Cologne.

Apparently both the Catholic and Protestant churches in Germany have, on the face of it, approved the construction the controversial mosque, but behind the scenes they are lobbying for Muslim countries to allow more Christian churches to be built.

Protestant Bishop Huber also wants Muslims given the unrestricted right to convert to Christianity from Islam, while his Catholic colleague Archbishop Meisner has asked that the DITIB, the largest Muslim organisation in Germany which is building the mosque in Cologne, support a project in Turkey, building a church at the birthplace of the apostle Paul in Tarsus.

Some politicians in Cologne are even more forthright saying that land available for mosque building should be strictly restricted applying the same standards that are in effect for the construction of new Christian religious buildings in Turkey!

It seems that the Christian church in Germany has a little more backbone in defending the country from the spread of Islam. Our church leaders on the other hand seem all too willing to surrender to the infidel.


Heretic said...

Backbone is a quality that the Churches in UK have been sadly lacking for decades. Perhaps we wouldn’t be in quite so perilous a situation if that was not the case.

alanorei said...

Be careful. A book published in 2006 entitled Queen of All, ISBN 0-9717561-1-2, shows how all the world's religions, including Islam, are gradually merging to worship the Catholic BVM.

This is not good news for England's identity, any more than the armada of 1588 was.

I agree w.r.t. how forthright and bold the Catholic Church is w.r.t. Islam, compared to the fragmenting C of E. But you could be forgiven for thinking that Rowan Williams is part of the process and knows exactly what he is doing.

I keep coming back to a famous Murphyism:

"Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean that everybody isn't out to get you."

I sympathise w.r.t. the long journeys, Martin. I too dislike them, with one exception, when we drive to Poole to take the car ferry to Jersey for the summer break. The wife is from there. It's one part of the British Isles that you can visit to see historical reminders of what it's really like to be fully part of the EU (1940-1945).