Thursday, 24 July 2008

Well done Simon

Congratulations to Simon Darby on his 500 posting on his blog. Well done Simon, that's real consistency. Yours is one of the first websites that I visit when I sweep my favourites just after six o'clock each morning. You are slotted in between the main BNP site and Betfair.

We are having cavity wall and loft insulation put in today so things are once again a bit hectic. The drilling which is going on as I write makes it very difficult to concentrate.

I see that a youth in Hounslow has been sent to prison for two months for spraying an anti-Islamic message on a wall. Can you image the uproar if that court had sent a Muslim youth to prison for spraying an anti-Christian message on the wall. According to the police when the unfortunate chap was arrested he was found in possession of some BNP stickers! Wow, I hope the police are looking after them because they must have antique value because the BNP haven't produced any stickers to my knowledge since I joined the Party in 2001.

Better day weatherwise here, so I'm hoping to get out in the garden this evening.


The Green Arrow said...
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Robert Baggs said...

Hello Martin

I don't know if you have clicked on the green arrow link but I think you will be surprised as it isn't the green arrow I thought it was!

Best wishes