Monday, 1 September 2008

Back with a chill

BACK in the blogging business again as my responsibility for Freedom is over for another month. It's now down to John Walker and his team to get the newspaper distributed around the country and with the printing presses rolling as I write this, hopefully the majority of the huge 100,000 print-run of this special issue edition will be out over the next couple of weeks.

Lots going on at the moment including another revelation due in the media of a British National Party member, in fact a BNP candidate for a forthcoming election, with celebrity family associations.

There's that leaked letter from the Home Office warning of growth for the BNP as the credit crunch takes hold and this has been borne out this morning with the Membership Office telephone constantly ringing with new memberships.

Last Thursday there was that brilliant election result in Rotherham. Our candidate for Wickersley Ward polled 20% of the vote and the combined BNP and UKIP vote totaled more than the victorious Labour candidate could muster. There has been much bemoaning of the UKIP vote handing the seat to Labour, but that's not the story at all. This was UKIP's best ward in Rotherham and their candidate fought the ward in May and polled over 800 votes, so for the BNP to come from nowhere and beat UKIP out of sight was the real achievement here. Next time Wickersley is fought the remaining UKIP support will be firmly behind the BNP and we should be on course to win the seat. Well done to Marlene and her team for a brilliant effort.

Got soaked yesterday digging in kerb stones for our driveway. Today I have a chill and feel well below par. So hopefully I shall be more forthcoming tomorrow.

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