Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Jumping to conclusions again?

THERE is a smear story in The Mirror this morning regarding the Young BNP. The Labour Party and its friends in the media are desperate to put people off supporting us and will pull every trick in the book to try to discredit us.

I'm afraid I'm not a fan of youth organisations connected to political parties because the Party as a whole becomes vulnerable to the brainwashing charge. In nationalist politics over the years, we have only received detrimental publicity concerning our youth wings - from the leafletting at school gates charge, through to targeting football supporters and now to learning about guns and knives at a summer camp.

While team leader Mike Howson, and all those associated with the Young BNP do a brilliant job in giving our youngsters an exciting time and a grounding in the values that are important to us as well as preparing them for the political struggles ahead, they have a tightrope to walk in regard to avoiding own goals as far as publicity for the British National Party is concerned. As the editor of the BNP political newspaper, a positive image for the Party is my main priority, so I'm probably over sensitive on this issue and accept that many of the readers of this blog won't agree with me.

There's always some little piece of information that seeps through the BBC's PC guard on their Radio 4 flagship morning news programme Today and this morning was no exception. In a report just after seven o'clock, Martin Barnes of the drug information charity DrugScope explained how diazepam, which is better known under its old brand name of Valium, is re-emerging as a drug of choice among abusers. He said that traditionally the illegal trade in this drug came to Britain from Pakistan and India, but that now it was being manufactured here in Britain. With that tradition of manufacture in Asia in the past, it's probably a safe bet who is behind its manufacture in Britain in the present . . . or is that the inherent racism in me jumping to conclusions again.

There's an interesting by-election taking place on Thursday in Melton Mowbray and the political temperature in the ward is rising by the day. You can read all about our campaign on the excellent Melton & Rutland BNP website here

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Robert Baggs said...

I do agree with your comments re the YBNP. Irrespective of any comparisons with what Army Cadets or Scouts might do or even knowing that the schools are increasingly introducing rifle schools, this was always going to be a negative story for us. The investment in immature minds far outweighs any pay-off as a result. There are very few in the BNP today who joined up when in their teens. Life, including girlfriends, boyfriends, drinking, football and jobs will take priority for most during these early years.