Friday, 10 October 2008

Own goal by The Sun

SIX and a half hours on the M6 for a three and a half hour staff meeting yesterday.

Driving is a worry at the moment as when we get into our car we are taking a gamble that it will get us to our destination and back. Everything about it is erratic. The heater and radio have minds of their own, coming on and going off when they see fit and the water temperature guage surges into the red if I dare to go over sixty. Thankfully we have a BNP member and local councillor who has his own garage and he has given it a good going over and says as long as it's not 'thrashed' (going over sixty), there will a couple of more years of use for us.

It was a good meeting yesterday with each staff member giving an upbeat report on their department. There are lots of interesting projects in the pipeline and, despite the difficult times, the Party continues to move forward.

Nick did give a warning on finances though which was a bit of a worry. I haven't had a pay rise for three years now, and as we have to tighten our belts because of the current economic climate, there's apparently not one on the horizon, which at a time when the big SIX O is rapidly approaching, makes one very depressed indeed.

That depression was temporarily lifted yesterday evening when I got home and checked my BNP searches and email.

How The Sun can believe that reporting on the lovely Cathy Duffy and her trip to Welbeck is a smear story and going to put people off supporting the BNP, just goes to show how they have lost the plot with regards to their attacks on the British National Party.

The Sun is always telling its readers that the BNP is a bunch of skinhead thugs, yet then it carries a story and includes a photo, about one of our lady councillors - and a former celebrity of TV's Airline series at that - being wined and dined by British Army chiefs. All rather dents that tattooed, shaven head image don't you think?

The appalling Matthew Collins was used as the anti-BNP source in the report. Stop me if I have told you this before, but I first came across this creep at a by-election meeting in Portsmouth in the late 1980s when he was meant to be a rising star of the National Front. At the meeting, which was held in a local school, he poured bleach into a fish tank in one of the classrooms being used by the children obviously for some project. Needless to say the fish were all killed and the story made local headlines a couple of days later as a front page smear story against the NF. This wasn't an early indication of his anti-nationalists credentials or an act to discredit the NF by him. Later, he just said he did it because he was bored. No wonder the NF never got anywhere if people like him were the 'Young Turks' coming through the ranks.

If you live in the North West and are free on Wednesday morning, 15th October, please get to Tameside Magistrates Court and support the BNP's Roy West who has been charged with race hate for saying “Remember Dunkirk” to his German neighbour.

He said the words during an exchange over the garden fence about the Cornish flag Roy was flying, and within hours of making the remark, he was arrested and his house ransacked by police searching for “evidence” of his “racism.”

The anti-British Crown Prosecution Service, acting under orders from their political masters, have decided to press ahead with the charges, irrespective of his neighbour's desire to drop the matter.

Nick Griffin told the BNP website:
“Roy is scheduled to appear on Wednesday morning, and we need as many people as possible to demonstrate outside the courtroom to pressure the authorities into dropping these outrageous charges.
“We will get leaflets printed and will be having a day of action on this topic as well, and we need decent people to come out from all over the country and show their opposition to the treasonous behaviour of the ruling elite.
"The BNP has it on good authority that the political masters of the Manchester Police and the CPS in the North West have been told to find anything at all to try and destroy the BNP in that city and the region because it had become clear from an in-depth analysis of the proportional representation system used in Euro elections, that the BNP stood a very good chance of winning at least one seat in the North West."

Gale force winds and torrential rain here in West Cumbria at the moment, I hope it's better where you are.

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