Monday, 17 November 2008

And we don't care . . . .

YOU would have thought that the Annual Conference of Britain's fourth most popular political party would have warranted a report of a couple of lines at the very least even if in only one of our national newspapers. 

But apparently it wasn't newsworthy enough, and in years gone by I would have been desperately disappointed at this lack of coverage which would have left the public completely in the dark as to the event taking place. But today I'm not bothered by this deliberate media blackout - it can't be anything else - because thanks to our website the conference was taken live into the homes of thousands of BNP supporters who didn't come to Blackpool and in the months to come any new visitors to our website will be able to see and hear the best speeches, debates and lectures from the Conference thanks to BNPtv.

Nick Griffin's speech was topical and sharp, linking the recession to the public's political awakening and realisation that only the British National Party can safeguard our people through these most difficult of times. I think the speech links well with the front page of the latest issue of Freedom which details how only an economy based on national interests, which directly protects the livelihoods of the British working people and the welfare of our most vulnerable and elderly, is the way forward.

The Conference was the best organised one that I've attended and that's down to Micheala Mackensie whose experience and professionalism in this sphere has taken the Party's political events to a new level over the past 12 months. The debate was also better than anything in previous years and the calibre of our delegates continues to impress. The future looks very, very good for the British National Party and barring any major setbacks, we must be on target for further electoral progress in 2009.

I posted something very similar on this blog last year and within 48 hours the BNP appeared to be facing a catastrophic split which for a couple of weeks in December last year looked as though it might completely wreck our Party. Thankfully, that's now all a distant memory and there have been no ill-effects from the trauma that took place. In fact in the East Midlands, the area which should have suffered most because of the antics of a handful of rogue officials, the Party has become much more effective under the guidance of the experienced Geoff Dickens.

Of course, it is the European Elections that could place us firmly in the limelight next June, but I'm also quite bullish about our chances in a number of County County elections that are also taking place at the same time, so it should be an interesting year.

This week I'm going to do some number-crunching on our chances in the North-West for the European Parliament and I will post my findings on here later in the week. Five years ago I did something similar which proved very enlightening. I was at Manchester City Hall as the results came in and was able to tell after a handful of returns that although we had polled well we would fall just short of claiming a seat. I shall try and knock up a similar chart to check our progress so we can see by more local local election results whether we shall be in with a shout or not.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the write up, Martin. I really hope for electoral success in 2009, it would really put the party on the map!

alanorei said...

Yes, thanks, Martin

The msm blackout is stage 2. Encouraging, therefore that the journos have realised the stage 1 smear campaigns no longer work.

I suggest, consider it progress.

Last year's troubles didn't work either, as we know, which must have seriously upset the 'establishment' because apparently all their previous efforts to derail post-war British nationalism had succeeded.

Party members of course therefore need to keep alert for what might happen next.

bert said...

Sorry I stole some of your lines lol.