Friday, 28 November 2008

Islam - the religion of peace

NO matter how much the media tries to muddy the waters with its array of alleged culprits for the massacre in Mumbai, there is only one defining motivation behind the slaughter - Islamic expansionism.

Television reports have meticulously avoided using the word Islam or Muslim. Instead they have talked about the perpetrators being International terrorists, Al-Qaeda, Mujahideen, Taliban, Jihadists and Pakistan . . . almost as if they are frightened of revealing the truth about those who are responsible. All these have just one clear motivation, Islamic expansionism, and to enlighten the public as to what is going on, the media should be making the situation clearer, not confusing it more. The BBC in particular seems almost desperate to introduce an international element to the tragedy, linking it to its favourite scapegoat Al-Qaeda, the convenient deposit for all the misdeeds of Islam.

Muslims in India make up around 15% of the population and they are constantly pushing for more space and more self-determination from the Hindu majority. These attacks are behind that campaign and that is the important warning that Britain should be heeding from what has taken place in Mumbai.

In Britain, Muslims currently make up 5% of the population and that total is increasing every year. The Islamic lobby here, as in India, is pushing, pushing all the time for more self-determination and our weak-kneed Government gives in every time. To avoid what is happening in India we need to stem the growth of Islam in our country NOW.

We need to stop all immigration into Britain.
Send all illegal immigrants back to their own countries.
Send all migrant workers home.
Oppose all planning applications for new mosques, conversion of buildings into mosques and expansion to existing mosques.

But most importantly, we must encourage through financial incentives Muslims living in Britain legally, to move to an Islamic country where they will be able to celebrate their religion with other Muslims. Britain is a Christian country and if we wish to keep it that way and for our people to be able to live free from fear of attack from within, then we must take steps now to safeguard our future.

I knew that Melanie Phillips wouldn't be happy with her drubbing from Lee Barnes on the Moral Maze and she was obviously smarting so much that she immediately penned a report for The Spectator which appeared this morning. Phillips, just like Hitchens, Gaunt and Littlejohn are the establishment's safety valves and they need to be exposed as such. They identify the concerns of the majority but offer no solutions and then attack the only political party that can bring about what they advocate. It's the classic way to maintain the status quo and keep the old gang parties in power.

I've just this minute put the telephone down on DC O'Brien from Merseyside Police who has been badgering this office all week. I'm afraid his weasel-like chumminess as sought to extract information from me in order to persecute one of his own was just too much to stomach first thing in the morning. I told him he should be investigating real crime in Liverpool not hounding out of a job a loyal and hardworking fellow officer.

Another rewarding day on the telephone and opening the post yesterday. From the three hundred letters received there were just three from those who were "not Sparticus" . . . now doesn't that make you so proud of your fellow members.


bikeman said...

How refreshing to have the FACTS portrayed so straightforwardly. It is not hard to comprehend the truths in Martin's comments on this vital issue. Thank goodness for the BNP and spokesmen such as Martin Wingfield who give us an honest political outlet to express our concerns about these issues.

alanorei said...

I agree with your assessment re: Mel Phillips, Martin

No-one likes getting the kind of thrashing Lee handed out last night and Mel's article displays this - the reaction of a thoroughly scalded cat, I think.

Re: Mumbai, the Muslim killers are only obeying the Qur'an, e.g. Sura 9:5. They are not 'extreme.'

A case must be made to expel Islam from Britain on the basis that the Qur'an is incompatible with our constitutional documents of State and our Coronation Oath.

(That's why I have on occasion urged Lee to keep banging on about this issue.)

Islam will always try to subvert and/or overthrow the constitution of any non-Muslim host country. See Who Is This Allah? by G.J.O. Moshay.

It is diabolically designed for that purpose. Peaceful co-existence with Islam is like a host organism trying to live with a malignant cancer. It won't live, it will die.

Mats said...

Britain is a "CHristian" country? Since when?

It has been a long time since Britain was "Christian". Today Britain is mostly pagan.

As you loose your Judeo-Christian heritage, you loose your culture.