Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Searchlight is helping raise our media profile

THERE are two interesting articles from our old friends at Searchlight which top my BNP-related reports search engine this morning and both are worth a look at:

Searchlight 1

Searchlight 2

Unlike some who get very upset by the offerings from Gerry & Co, I'm not that bothered because in the big picture they do us a favour in promoting the BNP. Of course I get cross, when a Hope Not Hate leaflet appears just before polling day in a local election and our vote is hit, but in the long term this too even benefits us. That is because it makes us stronger and ensures we never take election campaigning for granted because we have to work twice as hard as the three main parties in case such leaflets are distributed.

Searchlight wouldn't be receiving the trade union and Labour Party funding it is now getting if it wasn't for the stunning growth of the BNP over the past six years. It is, in fact, in that organisation's best interest that the British National Party is doing well and that is why it gives us a plug, as it is doing in the two articles above, quite comfortable in the knowledge that such reports will benefit us.

This is because Searchlight hawks its scribblings around all the media and it is guaranteed that one or both articles will almost certainly be taken up by a national newspaper or the BBC. The media are already nibbling at the idea that the BNP and the nationalist agenda we promote will become much more popular with the public during times of recession, so the Searchlight article will give this thread another boost.

The 'Racism Cut Both Ways' piece will alert the media to this campaign so that when journalists up and down the country get a copy of our leaflet they will have already been briefed and will be more inclined to give it a mention. With Trade Union bosses already wound up about it and wanting it banned, that is even more grist to the mill.

Remembrance Day photos are still coming in apace but can I remind organisers to send the original photos to me in high resolution. When they appear on the BNP website they are low-res and not suitable for the newspaper.

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Andromeda said...

The second Searchlight article mentions British education. It is of course the British state education system that indirectly and gradually increases the support of the BNP.

British employers, being naturally self-interested creatures, prefer to hire better-educated foreign labour rather than anyone indigenous who has been through what passes for "education" in this country.

Who do you think a sexual predator would target?

Easily preyed-on schoolgirls whose mothers (usually unmarried or divorced) are accepting and indifferent about their daughters being sexually active in secondary school, or Muslim girls who are modestly dressed and whose stay-at-home mothers expect them home by a certain time?

It's a no-brainer!