Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Happy Christmas

As promised the likely front page for the all-important January issue of Freedom.

There was an in-depth election strategy discussion yesterday with all the movers and shakers in that department involved. The outcome could be that a mass distribution of Freedom is used in the warm-up to a local election campaign, prior to the first Patriot leaflet being delivered, to prepare voters for when BNP canvassers come knocking on their door.

I'm highly delighted at this possibility, so fingers-crossed this new strategy gets the go ahead.

Off for a Christmas haircut later this afternoon and then we have guests this evening.

Happy Christmas to everyone who reads this blog, and apologies for those many days when I failed to make a posting. When sharing your thoughts with political associates, your morale at the time always plays a key role. Numerous posts have been deleted rather than posted when written because I felt they were too downbeat and didn't offer the reader anything positive.

As you can tell from my recent good run of posts, my morale at the moment is 'sky high'. Let's hope this continues well into 2009.


alanorei said...

Trust you and the family have a good Christmas and new year, Martin. Thank for all your blog and VoF efforts.

Here's looking forward to ever-increasing BNP successes in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Martin!

lionart41 said...

Front page looks very good Martin. Merryxmas

hants bnp