Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The witch hunt continues . . .

NEARLY two weeks after the publishing of a 2007 BNP membership list on the Internet, Merseyside Police are still busy scrabbling around trying to accrue enough evidence in order to persecute one of their own officers.

The family of the officer concerned asked us to co-operate with the investigation, so we have done so, and over that last fourteen days have answered numerous enquiries from DC Tony O'Brien who seems to be in charge of the witch hunt. Yesterday, there was another officer asking questions, but as Tina refused to discuss any information with him, it was O'Brien back on later in the day, this time wanting to know about the Freedom newspaper, how often it was sent out, and whether it was sent in a plain envelope. He also wanted to know if someone had taken out a subscription to Freedom, whether it was possible that the newspaper might be addressed to someone else living in that household????

Can you believe it? It is obvious where he is trying to go with this line of questioning and it makes me very angry to think that there has been a team of officers who have spent two weeks trying to gather such information because they are so desperate to hound one of their own out of a job. There is something radically wrong with a society when a police force believes this should be a such a priority.

And it's not only in Merseyside. Operation Grayling is the investigation of four BNP members in Lancashire for delivering alleged "racially inflammatory leaflets". In his orders to his officers, Senior Investigating Officer Neil Hunter, said he wanted the houses of the four accused searched and "photographs to be taken of Swastikas". I kid you not. What planet is this creep living on?

Only someone who has swallowed every single bit of anti-BNP propaganda ever published could come up with a statement like that. Hunter also wants a "Community Cohesion Team to complete a Community Impact Assessment (in the area where the leaflets were distributed) in case there has been an increase in community tensions," which in plain English means "in case the ethnic minorities have been upset".

Yesterday, I heard from a gentleman who had written a letter into Freedom earlier in the year. He is now under investigation at his work, despite the fact that his name was never appeared on the letter. Apparently the local trade union leader at the company pieced together the information in the letter to try to find out who had written it. So now it's not only about being a member of the BNP, it's also about writing in letters to the British National Party's newspaper. This is a frightening turn of events and suggests that in the coming months the Labour Party and Trade Union funded anti-BNP groups along with their establishment henchmen and dupes in the media will be turning up the heat on the BNP.

Thankfully our members have just had a baptism of fire, courtesy of the leaked membership list, and they will now be hardened to what our opponents throw at us next year.


faustian said...

Its truly pathetic.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Common Purpose Fabians of the Yard doing the politicians’ bidding:

Common Purpose police

watling said...

Maybe we really are now in the post-democratic age, as suggested in Lindsay Jenkins's third book about the rise of the EU. That is, an age where opposition to, or criticism of, government policy is now regarded as a criminal act.

Labour have a bit of a quandary. They would love to criminalise the BNP because that would make their planned surrendering of our sovereignty to the EUSSR a smoother process. Yet to do so would reveal Labour's true totalitarian colours and I don't think the electorate have been softened up enough to put up with that just yet. It would be interesting to see the reaction if Labour decide to postpone the next general election indefinitely, as they would dearly like to do.

Labour have nothing to fear from UKIP or other diluted nationalist parties because, unlike the BNP, they draw most of their support from the middle classes, who are less likely to cause a fuss when we become a totalitarian communist state within an EU superstate. As you have pointed out, much of UKIP's support will revert back to the Tory party whence it came.

Peter said...

Well Martin I hope this officer stands strong and we can get a test case going against this injustice with his membership of a legal political party.

Up on Merseyside last Saturday it was amazing despite what happened a week earlier to the Liverpool 13 how much the Police "off the record" supported what we were doing.

We are the last bastion of people who can differentiate behind what is right and wrong and what is common sense and complete madness.

I am very happy today that the main site has linked direct to your very fine blog, Merseyside BNP.

Anonymous said...

We are ushering in a new age, it will be a difficult birth I think, but no pain no gain I suppose.

The make-it-up-as-you-go morality world we have created is imploding fast, and we are still in the infancy of a massive economic tribulation, the consequences of which does not seem to have impressed upon the psyche of everyday man as yet.

No real insult intended, but your average policeman is not a great intellectual being who is graced with deep thought and foresight. There is little that can be done to change this, so let them sate their need for self justification, it is after all quite understandable; but in the mean time we should take refuge in our commitment for our struggle to see truth and justice prevail.

alanorei said...

Appreciate all the above comments, especially Watling's insightful analysis.

Although perhaps a bit dated, Lindsay Jenkins's work is well worth studying, e.g. The Last Days of Britain.

Re: Only someone who has swallowed every single bit of anti-BNP propaganda ever published could come up with a statement like that.

I guess that's why he's in the job. An archetypal CP graduate, I suggest.