Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Battle for Thringstone - can you help?

IT'S proving a very hard fought by-election for Thringstone Ward on North West Leicestershire Council where our candidate Roy Harban is battling to take a 20% share of the vote in a ward that the British National Party has never fought before.

The Old Gang parties are livid that we have turned up on their patch and there has been a concerted effort by them to denigrate the BNP. But as well as all the usual smear leaflets there has been one rather strange one - what do you make of this?

Nothing new here, you might say, apart from peddling the lie that Andy Sykes was a former BNP organiser. He was of course a trade union plant placed in the Party to help with the BBC's smear programme which was aired in July 2004.
But what about what's on the other side of the leaflet . . .

Yes, it's a Tory leaflet, produced in conjunction with Unite Against Fascism which is run by the Socialist Workers Party. Now that is a marriage made in hell - the very worse that British politics has to offer uniting against the BNP.

But this all goes to show how desperate the Old Gang parties are as well as just how similiar they are.

In Bexley it was the Lib-Dems that lined up with the UAF, in Newcastle it was Labour, and now in Thringstone it's the Tories. All tarred with the same brush and working with the lunatics of the Socialist Workers Party.

If reading the leaflet makes you cross, and you live in the East Midlands, then please get to Thringstone today and tomorrow and give brave Roy Harban and his hard-working team a hand. Let's show these Tory creeps, and their Marxist bedfellows, that the BNP are here to stay.

Our agent in Thringstone Wayne McDermott, believes that in spite of the deluge of anti-BNP leaflets that there is still strong support for the BNP on the doorstep and that the next 48 hours are crucial for maximising our vote.


defender said...

We really do seem to be the only thing they are worried about, I just saw this and thought your readers might like to see it.

Stop the BNP marching

Searchlight want to stop the BNP marching through Liverpool on March 14th. The power to make that particular decision lies with the police. The BNP have a strong history of violence themselves, and have links to other more violent groups. They are a party of strong convictions; mostly for violent offences. Some of these even include links with people who have convictions for terrorist acts.

Now, imagine thousands of them, all in one place. In a left wing city. With counter demonstrators.

Sign up to the campaign to stop them doing it here.

alanorei said...

Here's a possible counter-statement, though it should occupy only a small segment of any Party campaign leaflet.

I suggest a bit of wry British humour might not go astray. You can tell the old gangsters aren't British at heart, certainly not English.

They don't have a sense of humour, any more than they have sense of honour.

Their mindset is as foreign as their origins, e.g. from Howard to Milliband.

Now is that time of year (there's an election) when our political opponents (and those of the British nation as well) join together to indulge in their two favorite sports (aside from squandering tax-payers' money, yours, that is, e.g. £295 billion wasted each year on the EU golden garrotte superstate 4th Reich across the Channel).

1. Shafting the electorate
2. Lambasting the BNP

But consider, what do the 'old gangsters' really have to offer?

In our experience, it amounts to nothing more than rage and obscenity on the street, hubris and broken promises in the Commons.

That's not hard to prove. Just ask yourself:

While feeding their own faces with 5-figure annual expense accounts e.g. Jaquie Smith, what has the lib/lab/con cabal done for YOU the voter in the last 20 years of politicized betrayal and misrule?

Answers on a postage stamp please.

Lanky Patriot said...

Can we not sue for these unfounded allegations of criminality?.
If I was the candidate there I would have them in court, or can only BNP members be slandered?