Friday, 20 February 2009

Gagged on Merseyside

BEFORE I start gushing effusively over the by-election results from last night, it is with great pride that I have to announce that this blog has been banned, presumably by Liverpool City Council, from being viewed in libraries across Merseyside.

This is according to a posting on the main BNP website which states:

"It's nice that Martin is commenting on the main site because on Merseyside on the public computers in the libraries his blogsite has been banned. The following message appears:

- You have tried to access a web page which is in violation of your internet usage policy.
- URL:
- Category: Racism and Hate
- To have the rating of this web page re-evaluated please contact the Helpdesk on 0151 225 2928.

I have tried complaining on the number provided a few times but all to no avail. Can someone from the Party get on to it as this is clearly a draconian censorship act on Martin's site."

This ban is so ridiculous that it's funny. There's certainly no racism or hate on this site, just distaste at the way that the corrupt politicians from the Old Gang parties are destroying our country. If anyone feels inclined, please telephone the number above and try to get me back on line in Liverpool!

Now to last night! They were a set of results to get us all buzzing and rubbing our hands in anticpation of the next round of elections - one in Broxtowe on Thursday and four the following week with two in Carlisle, one in Warwickshire, and one in Newcastle-under-Lyme. The vote share everywhere was everything we wanted and more, with even in Harrogate our percentage creeping up to the 10% mark.

On the political discussion forums this morning there are some disgruntled postings from our opponents who claim that the BNP had kept its aspirations for last night quiet and hadn't let on that we were going to win in Swanley and poll so strongly in Thringstone.

I think this is very unfair criticism. On this blog and on my postings on the main website, I made it very clear that the Party was hoping for over 20% of the vote in both wards. No responsible spokesman for any political party exaggerates its candidates chances in official statements because, not only can this come back to haunt you, but it demoralises your own supporters when over-optimistic goals are not achieved.

I spoke with Wayne McDermott with regard to Thringstone and he told me to expect us to come third with around 25% of the vote, and he was just about spot on. When I asked Eddy Butler about our chances in Swanley, I got an answer that was all about sweeps, re-knocks and whipping in and although his reply was full of information, it told me very little. Eddy won't be pinned down but he did give the impression that he would be very disappointed if we didn't poll 20%, and that was the exact information that I passed on.

There is no secrecy or hidden electoral agendas. When the British National Party contests an election properly we get very good results - it is as simple as that. At the moment there is a growing groundswell of support for the BNP and it is only the smears in the media and the lies from our opponents in their leaflets that is keeping this support for us in check. When a campaign is fought properly and every voter in the ward has met and spoken with the BNP candidate and one of his or her team, that is when we gain the full potential of our latent support.

Busy weekend with the Scottish interviews and next week is the last one for finishing off the March issue of Freedom.


Caractacus said...

I cannot but laugh at the antics of the 'opponents' who are saying thta they are 'disgruntled' because we failed to inform them accurately just how many votes we were going to get. That just about sums the prats up.

Tell them we are confidently expecting to get around 22% average accross the Euro Elections in June and see them jump.

Personaly I believe it will be nearer 23%


Anonymous said...


I think we are more likely to get around an 8-14% average across the Euro Elections, though with months to go I reserve the right to change that figure.

I believe with 8% of the vote across the UK, this will translate to one or two MEPs, due to the vote being higher in the stronger areas. The vote in Scotland, Wales and the south will bring down the average vote.

I am an amateur psephologist, and would appreciate it if our more experienced members would stick their necks out! ;)

defender said...

If you have a minute have a read of these two. Good insight as to a changing outlook regarding us by another party.
Patiency and percivarance does pay off eventually. I would say getting very favourable.