Thursday, 12 February 2009

Giuseppe and Julian win the day

I AM delighted to report two stories about BNP members taking on an irresponsible press and thank you to Giuseppe de Santis and Julian Leppert for drawing my attention to their sterling efforts.

On January 15th there was a very nasty smear attack on the British National Party in a report published in the Paddington & Westminster Times. It related to an arson attack on a synagogue in Brent and in the article there was a suggestion from a spokesman representing Jews for Justice for Palestinians that the British National Party may have carried out the attack.

Giuseppe takes up the story:

"I complained to the newspaper and I got in touch with the BNP legal office. A few days later Tim Cole, the editor, emailed me saying that he understood that this caused great distress to us and he would write a clarification.
I can now report that this clarification has now appeared on page 3 of the newspaper."

On Thursday January 15th a report was published in the Times about an attack on a synagogue in Brondesbury Park: Campaigners slam synagogue attack. In that report a quote was included which suggested it was possible that the British National Party (BNP) might have been responsible for the attack.
We would like to clarify that we have been given no indication by the Metropolitan Police that they believe that the BNP had any connection to the attack.

"I think this must be one of the first times that a newspaper has apologised to the BNP and it's an achievement given that this news group of newspapers is very hostile the British National Party.
It sends out a strong signal that we will not be bullied or intimidated."

There was a similar type of story in the Ilford Recorder which Hainault BNP councillor Julian Leppert clinically nailed with a satrical letter which was also published.

"ACCORDING to your correspondent, Abdurahman Jafar, and a mystery "local MP" with no name, Redbridge British National Party intends to "commit acts of crime against the Jewish community, in a bid to whip up hatred against Muslims and divide the two". Sorry, not true.
My "henchmen" are too busy with our sinister plan to hold the world to ransom by aiming a laser at the moon from our underground lair in Hainault.
This is not the first fairy story about the BNP to grace the pages of the Recorder, and with local elections next year, I suspect it won't be the last.
I wonder if Mr Jafar's Redbridge Against Islamophobia and Hatred outfit want to hustle themselves a nice grant from the council? Happily for them, most Redbridge councillors are relaxed about allocating public funds.
Those who fret over Islamophobia should consider this.
Who lied and conspired in parliament to prosecute an illegal invasion of the sovereign Muslim nation of Iraq?
Who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Iraqi Muslim men, women and children, and the unbearable loss of our own servicemen and women?
While Labour and the Tories have blood on their hands, I am proud to represent a party that opposed this needless and wicked war, from day one."

And finally "good luck" to Charlotte Lewis and her BNP team in Croydon for today's Waddon by-election. 6% is the vote share we have to improve upon from last year's GLA election and despite a vicious anti-BNP campaign in the local Croydon Advertiser, I'm hopeful that we might be able to top the 10% mark here.

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